Top Favorite Leather Strap for Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Top Favorite Leather Strap for Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Leather strap for Xiaomi Mi Band 4, makes your wearable looking more elegant and fit for formal occasions. For Mi Band 4 fans, especially for strap collectors, they include at least one leather strap in their collection.

Usually replacement straps for the fitness tracker ranges from the usual popular silicon strap. The elegant but much pricey steel strap (see our list), and of course, the leather strap. Well, we got some for you and here is a list of our top favorite leather strap for Xiaomi Mi Band 4.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Leather Strap with Metal Case Cover

 Leather Strap for Xiaomi Mi Band 4

The strap is a beautiful genuine leather, brand new and high quality . The material is a genuine leather that comes from the highest quality material. Its case material is a rustproof, stylish metal that fits perfectly and enclosed the body of the Mi Band 4 securely. The band has an alligator skin like texture with stainless steel strap adding beauty to the strap. Based on its specs page the strap is available in different attractive colors, at least 6 beautiful colors to choose from.

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Feminine Style Leather Strap for Mi Band 4

Here is a leather strap for your Mi Band 4 with a touch of feminine side. The leather strap from OVLUCCI. It is available in different colors but what captured our attention is the feminine flower style strap. Pick from plain colors or roses adorned strap in different designs and colors. It looks great and one of our fave and in our collection list.

feminine strap for Mi Band 4

It is a metal frame, and available in different colors, pick from orange black frame, beige, teel green black, stone blue or combination of floral and plain steel frame. So far, it has a positive reviews from its users, good reviews on the comfort of strap, durability of steel buckle and good fitting of the metal case.

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Denim Leather Strap

leather strap for mi band 4

Another cool looking trendy, replacement strap for your Mi Band 4, check the Denim leather strap. It is a combination of leather on the inside and a denim material that covers the outside of the strap. Looks hip and with urban lifestyle feel. Great strap I think, a strap for a casual look. It also has a durable steel strap that locks your band securely. Just weighing 15 grams, the steel frame looks elegant and available in gold, silver and black colors.

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Bakeey Retro Butterfly Push Button Leather Strap

Compatible with Xiaomi Mi Band 4, this leather strap has a simple design, a plain 2 ply leather strap. When it comes to strap, this is so far the simplest but what makes it different from the rest is its unique retro style lock. The Bakeey Retro butterfly strap has a stainless steel, push button butterfly strap that locks securely as well as giving it a unique look.

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Crazy Horse Pattern leather watch band for Mi Band 4

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 leather strap

Here is a classic look, premium looking strap that will surely look good on your Mi Band 4. Plain weave leather strap with black case or the other one coffee plain weave leather strap. Either way it looks elegant. The other one is a brown crazy horse pattern that gives the wearable a classic beautiful look. The crazy horse pattern gives the wearable a truly leather feel.

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Retro Leather with Classic Metal Dial Protection Case

If you are into tribal/emo, this strap for your Mi Band 4 fits perfectly. Here is the retro leather with classic metal and dial protection case. The metal case has a unique design adorned with intricate engraving. As I have said, it is somewhat tribal/emo type design. This strap will surely love by users who are into a bit of funk and rock style.

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