Best Chinese Smartwatch of 2020-2021, Top Smartwatch you can Buy

Best Chinese Smartwatch of 2019-2020

In the last quarter of 2019 and first half of 2020, there are number of Chinese smartwatches that has been introduced in the market. Some are just a re-brand of other wearables, others are from new companies joining in the world of wearables.

With several Chinese smartwatches in the last quarter of 2019 and wearable do have the features and specs that we say can compete with the branded non-Chinese smartwatches in the market. Well, here is our pick for the best Chinese smartwatches of 2020. We pick the best Chinese smartwatch below on the following features. see our list.

Design and Materials

When it comes the design, these smartwatches has a unique, premium look, durable as well as classy. The materials are top of the line whether its zinc alloy, PC but with a solid make. Having a good waterproof rating is also in consideration.

Hardware and Fitness Features

The list below is a combination of smartwatches with 4G connectivity, (standalone) and a non-sim wearables. These smartwatches has the best and precise sensors and equipped with multi-sport modes. The best Chinese smartwatch we chose is a combination of non 4G and 4G capable smartwatches.


Of course, no matter how good the smartwatch is one of the top consideration is the price. Even though it is not affordable as long as it is reasonable, wearable fans would surely prefer to buy it. The smartwatches we pick has the best feature while having a good reasonable price.

Kospet Prime 4G Smartwatch

Kospet, One of the very first to introduced an Android smartwatch with dual camera, check out the Kospet Prime 4G smartwatch. A wearable with a sporty, masculine type look. It has a beautiful design, having a full metal bezel in combination of a ceramic material.

It has a dual camera, a side camera with 8.0 MP a resolution and a 5.0 front camera for video conferencing. The wearable is screen is amazing, having a 1.6” inch IPS LCD screen with 400 x 400 pixel resolution. The screen supports full touch screen resolution and protected by a Corning Gorilla glass display.

The smartwatch is fast with its Quadcore processor, having an MTK6739 processor and with a large storage space. A 32 GB and 3 GB of RAM. With its fast processor and large storage space, the Kospet Prime runs the Android operating system. And with support for 4G LTE connectivity with its nano SIM support. Below are its notable features.

Notable Features

  • Face ID and Face Unlocking
  • Built-in GPS with Support for at least 9 sport modes
  • Large Capacity Battery, 1260 mAh with 2-3 days of normal usage

See the full specifications here

Zeblaze THOR 5 Pro

Another Android based smartwatch with a dual camera. But unlike the Kospet Prime, this smartwtach has a much slimmer profile. Sporty and premium looking, the smartwatch has a ceramic bezel and with a combination of metal body. The wearable has two camera’s both are 5 MP pixel resolution, a side camera and front camera.

It has a beautiful screen display, having a 1.6” inch LTPS LCD screen with 320 x 320 pixel resolution. Its a full touch screen display with vivid, clear crisp color. It is protected by a Corning Gorilla glass 3 screen, durable from scratches and chipping.

It runs the MTK6739 processor, it is a Quadcore processor with 32 GB of storage space and 3 GB of RAM. The THOR 5 Pro has a 4G LTE network connectivity, having a nano SIM slot. On top of this hardware is an Android 7.1 operating system. The wearable has an 800 mAh lithium polymer battery with 48 hours standby time.

Notable Features

  • More immersive screen display
  • Security Face Unlocking
  • Beautiful design, with ceramic bezel

See full Specifications here

TICWRIS Max Smartwatch

One of the latest Android smartwatch with a rectangular screen display. In fact it is one of the “top list of bigger screen display for smartwatches”. The TICWRIS Max smartwatch has a huge form factor , a wide rectangular body, almost sort of a mini smartphone.

Its metal body is beautifully designed, premium looking design, with its wide body, the smartwatch has a wide screen display. It is big, clear, vivid color display with full touch screen resolution. The display screen is one of the widest display in the market, its like having a smartphone on your wrist.

TicWris Max Smartwatch

It is powered by the MTK6739 Quadcore processor with 32 G of storage space and 3 GB of RAM. Connectivity in the device includes 4G LTE, Bluetooth and WIFI. It also has a built-in GPS for its sport and map trajectory.

According to TICWRIS, the smartwatch ahs a huge battery capacity, it has 2880 mAh lithium polymer battery with 5-7 days of standby time.

Notable Features

  • Huge display screen
  • Quick Face Unlocking
  • Large Capacity Battery

See full specifications here

Amazfit GTS smartwatch

It is one of the top design smartwatch of 2019-2020. And perhaps one of the best smartwatch from Amazfit. Its a rectangular smartwatch with an Apple watch like design. It is premium smartwatch with a premium material (Amazfit grade aluminum alloy). It is beautiful crisp, full color display. The Amazfit GTS smartwatch has a beautiful screen display it has a 1.65” inch AMOLED with 348 x 442 pixel resolution. With a high pixel density, 341 PPI higher than Apple watch. It is protected by a Corning Gorilla glass 3 generation tempered glass. It is also packed with sensors, 6 axis acceleration sensor, 3 axis geomagnetic sensor, air pressure and ambient light sensor.

Its a beautiful smartwatch with intuitive UI and it is loaded with multiple sports mode. At least 12 mainstream exercise mode with some supporting the built-in GPS. If you are looking for the best Chinese smartwatch that is an alternative to Apple watch, without spending too much, this is a good pick.

Notable Features

  • Beautiful Premium Design
  • Crisp, Clear high resolution display screen
  • Loaded with sensors plus different sport modes

See full specifications here

TicWatch Pro smartwatch

One of the best smartwatch from MoBvoi, the Ticwatch pro smartwatch. The smartwatch has a sporty/rugged body design and of course with a premium look. It has a beautiful bezel, the body is touch and durable with high waterproof rating. Aside from the body, the Ticwatch Pro has a distinct feature that separates it from the rest of the above wearables.

The Ticwatch Pro smartwatch has a layered display technology. It has two screen, two modes, having an AMOLED 1.39” inch screen with full color display, and on top is an LCD FSTN providing the essential information and giving the smartwatch 30 days of battery life.

It runs the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear processor, fast and power friendly. It is also loaded with sensor such as accelerometer, gyro, magnetic sensors, PPG heart rate sensors, ambient light sensors, low latency off body sensors. On top of this is the latest WEAR OS from Google with variety of apps.

Notable Features

  • Layered Display Technology
  • Wear OS, with variety of installed and downloadable apps
  • Premium Design and Accurate sensors

See Full Specifications here

How about you, do you have any recommendation on the best Chinese smartwatch in the market? Please feel free to drop your comment below.

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