Metalika Smartwatch – Review of Features, a Health and Fitness Wearable

Metalika Smartwatch – Review of Features, a Health and Fitness Wearable

Let us check this new smartwatch that is getting some love, the Metalika Smartwatch, checking the smartwatch, I thought it was a different smartwatch with a new design, new look, new features. But going into its design and features, the wearable I think is just a rebranded P8 smartwatch. I’m not sure but the Metalika smartwatch is pretty similar to the popular P8 wearable.

Anyways, whether it is a rebrand or a new smartwatch, checking out the details on the Metalika smartwatch, and it is pretty loaded. The design has been copied from the trending Amazfit smartwatch, just like it, the device has a Zinc alloy body with glossy finish.

It is available in different color options, but the ivory gives it a very attractive look. Other color options are black, grey, pink and blue.


The smartwatch has a single physical button on the side for home/power button. The body is simple, plain design, with good waterproof rating, based on its specs, it is IP67 waterproof rated. The wearable is splash-proof, wash proof, and dustproof as well. Its strap has a quick-release pin option making it easy to remove the strap and change it to other third party straps.

Before we dwell on its features, let’s have a quick look on its hardware specs of the Metalika smartwatch.

Display, Specs state that the smartwatch has a 1.4” inch TFT LCD screen, it has a full touch screen interface with 240 x 240 pixel resolution. The display is protected by a 2.5D tempered glass giving the wearable a class look.

Sensors, based on its features, the smartwatch is loaded with g-sensor for its sports function. Heart rate monitoring, blood pressure sensor and blood oxygen sensor for its health stats.

Battery life, it did not state the exact capacity but according to its details, the smartwatch last up to 7 days in normal usage and 20 days in standby time.

Features of the Metalika Smartwatch

Health Functions

Simple elegant design, but the smartwatch is packed with health features such as 24/7 heart rate monitoring, it also has a blood pressure monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring. It actively monitor your vital stats and provides details of it on the support app with graphs and stats.


Fitness Functions

The wearable has an automatic activity tracking, it monitors your steps, calories and distance ain real time. But if you want to train and get fit, the Metalika smartwatch is equipped with sports monitoring. It has a multi-mode sport, get fit with its running, walking, cycling to name a few.

Real time Notifications

Get real time messages with its call and message notifications. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can receive message and read it right on the smartwatch. The smartwatch also support social apps, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and other popular apps.

Personalization Features include preloaded watch faces. Pick from different watch faces that suit your liking. Pick from analog to digital watch faces.

Bluetooth Functions

If you are into photography or music, the smartwatch features remote photo capture. You can use your smartwatch as a remote control for the camera on your smartphone. There is also a Bluetooth music control, play, stop, forward to the next music option with this feature.

Other features included in the Metalika smartwatch are weather, alarm, timer, sleep monitoring, find phone and more.

Initial Review on the Smartwatch

So far, based on the features, the Metalika smartwatch is a decent wearable based on its price. It is an affordable smartwatch that is packed with health and fitness functions. It got the basic call and message notifications, social app support and with good wide full color LCD screen display.


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