Turn your Rolex Watch into a Smartwatch with these Accessories

Turn your Rolex Watch into a Smartwatch with these Accessories

For the fans of smartwatches, I’ m pretty sure you are also dreaming of a Rolex smartwatch. But as we stated before, we don’t see a Rolex smartwatch rolling to the market anytime soon. The Rolex wrist watch is a premium brand, it is sort of a status symbol. It is the number one wrist watch company, and still very popular. That is why we don’t see the company jeopardizing their most love mechanical wrist watches by venturing into smartwatches.

As we all know, smartwatches don’t last that long and Rolex, I’m pretty sure don’t want their product to have a short life span. Rolex watches are durable and they last over a decade, while smartwatches, you are already lucky if it reaches 5 years.

If have a Rolex watch or any other mechanical watches but don’t have any plans to put it in the shelves in favor of smartwatch. You can still experience the power of smartwatch with these accessories. Check out the list of accessories below to turn your Rolex watch into a smartwatch.

Wena Smartwatch Straps

Developed by Sony, the Wena strap is a dream device for those who would love to experience the power of technology on their wrist without the need to abandon their beloved wrist watch. The Wena watch strap upgrades your traditional wrist watch into a smart one. It is available in two variant, the Wena Wrist Pro and the Wena Wrist Active.

Wena Smart Strap

The strap can be attached to your traditional wrist watch like a regular strap. The smart strap will turn your wrist watch to a smart one. With the strap you can receive notifications, whether call or text. You can even record your steps, heart rate, built-in GPS, NFC payment and more.

Montblanc Twin Smart Strap

Similar to Wear Strap, the wearable is a smart strap giving your wrist watch a smart technology. The Montblanc Twin smart strap will give your wrist watch a digital function. The smart strap is more than just a smart strap with vibrations that records your steps. It also has an OLED display that provides a display for notifications. It shows the steps taken, a Montblanc pay option. The smart strap is available in two size option, .20 mm and .22 mm. The strap is waterproof with its IP68 waterproof rating.

Montblanc Twin watch

There are other options but so far, the Wena and the Montblanc Twin smartwatch are the wearables with good features and has been tested in the market. Hopefully, more to come that will bring more smart technology to classic wrist watches.

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