MaxWatch Smartwatch – Let’s Review its Features and Specs

MaxWatch Smartwatch – Let’s Review its Features and Specs

Here is another sport smartwatch that is making rounds on the web. A wearable with a sport and fitness design, MaxWatch smartwatch. We are intrigue with this new wearable being marketed as MaxWatch smartwatch.

And here is our review on its features and specifications plus here is what we found out about this new wearable, sort of. Please take note that we only gathered a limited amount of information regarding the smartwatch. It is a newly released smartwatch, so there are few information especially on the review of the device. We tried to gather as much as possible about the device and here is what we found out.

What is a MaxWatch Smartwatch?

A website marketed the smartwatch as a multi-purpose functionality with a durable design as well as modern. It provide instant notifications right on your wrist. And of course with a long lasting battery life.

The smartwatch has a rectangular design with a plain glossy type aluminum body, there is no physical button that is present. It is accompanied by a sporty silicon strap with stainless steel buckle. Simple design, not that flashy just plain wearable with a full color screen display. The screen is around 1.3” IPS LCD and with a touch button key operation.

maxwatch smartwatch

What are its Features?

The MaxWatch Smartwatch is packed with sport and fitness monitoring sensors. It has heart rate monitor and blood pressure monitor, it monitors your vital 24/7 with stats and graphs on the support app. It also has g-sensor to keep track of your activities. It has automatic activity tracking, step counter, calorie counter and distance counter.

maxwatch smartwatch features

It got the basics such as call and message notifications, social app notifications supporting apps like Facebook, Twitter. Additional functions are sleep monitoring, alarm, timer, anti-lost and other features that is basic to smartwatches. No details on the battery, but according to the promotional images, the wearable will last up to 5-20 days in just a single charge with normal usage. It is available only in black and it is compatible with Android and iOS platform.

Is MaxWatch Smartwatch a Scam?

We can’t really say that the device is a scam or legit. Checking the specifications and features the on the promotional images of the device, the smartwatch do have a few details. Although the shopping site says that it provide a 30 day guarantee on purchases, we can’t still says that its legit.

Still early to say as the smartwatch is fairly new and only few details about it can be read online. If you are going to take a look at the design, the device I think is just a rebranding of the popular OshenWatch smartwatch. Even some of the comments are almost the same, it was spin to make it look like its a different person but they all have the same thoughts. If you happen to buy this wearable, please drop us a comments tell us whether it is legit or not.

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