Withings ScanWatch – The Best Hybrid Smartwatch in the Market

Withings ScanWatch – The Best Hybrid Smartwatch in the Market

Withings just unveiled its most advanced health and fitness hybrid smartwatch in the market. And I think it is safe to say that the wearable is one of the best in terms of health sensors.

Aside from health sensors, the Withings ScanWatch do have a premium design and material making it durable and elegant looking. But before we check on its design, lets focus first on the health features of the wearable.

Notable Features of the Withings Scanwatch

Medical Grade ElectroCardioGram

Sleep Apnea Detection

Multi-Mode Sport

Premium Materials and Design

Premium Health Monitoring on your Wrist

Withings boast the Withings ScanWatch as the most advanced health wearable ever designed. Well, checking its health features, seems like it is. The Scanwatch is packed with new sensors, it has a 24/7 heart rate scanning. The heart rate monitor actively checking your HR for irregularities. It can check whether it is atypical too low or too high, checking for irregular rhythms.

Withings ScanWatch smartwatch

With is medical grade electrocardiogram, it can easily and accurately detect atrial fibrillation. It can detect irregularities in just 30 seconds keeping you alert and safe anytime.

Sleep Apnea Detection, another exclusive feature for Withings if we are not mistaken. The wearable, can detect problems during your sleep and not just monitor your sleep similar to other smartwatches. It accurately monitors the oxygen saturation that is embedded in the SpO2 sensors, checking the oxygen saturation as well as Apneic Episodes during your sleep.

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The Apneic episodes is often associated with arrhythmia, heart rate failure, stroke and high blood pressure. With the sensors embedded in the Scanwatch, you can monitor these episodes preventing further issues with your health.

Withings Scanwatch hybrid smartwatch

All of the medical data and graphs are stored in the support app Health Mate, it is available in iOS and Android. These information are stored for future access or it can be used by your doctor for a reference.

Of course to top it all, the Withings Scanwatch has at least 30 workouts to keep your fit and healthy. Whether its running, walking, biking and more. Each sport is accompanied by distance, pace and elevation.

The smartwatch don’t have a support for a built-in GPS, instead it uses connected GPS using your smartphones GPS to provide map trajectory. Additional feature for each sport is a fitness score via VO2 Max estimation, a must have function for every sport activity.

Smart Notifications

The wearable has a non intrusive way of alerting you with upcoming messages, whether its SMS, calls or social app notifications. The smartwatch vibrates and the small screen shows a preview of messages.

Design, Simple Hybrid Smartwatch yet Functional

Withings did not sway away from the looks of the Withings Steel HR. If you are going to take a look at the Withings Scanwatch, still it has the same design, having a small PMOLED circular screen embedded on the analog watch but this time it is much brighter. It provide a brief information of your ECG, heart rate, steps and even notifications. The overall screen of the hybrid smartwatch is protected by a sapphire glass screen.

It is the top of the line tempered glass for smartwatches. Please take note, that the screen don’t support touch screen or touch key method of operation. Instead it rely on the digital crown button for scrolling on the menus.

Overall, the Withings ScanWatch Hybrid smartwatch has 30 days of standby time in just a single charge. It is waterproof up to 50 meters, can be used while swimming or taking a bath. The device is available in black and white variant with standard replaceable straps.

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