LEMFO LF30 Smartwatch – Sporty, Classy Wearable

LEMFO LF30 Smartwatch – Sporty, Classy Wearable

Here is another sporty wearable from LEMFO, the LEMFO LF30 smartwatch. It is another rectangular design smartwatch from LEMFO with a medium-size body, sporty, classy look. Check our initial review of the LEMFO LF30 smartwatch, see its features and specs.


Measuring 45.8 mm x 38.7 mm 10.1 mm, the wearable weighs around 51.5 grams. It is a medium-size device with a metal body. The body is zinc alloy, making it lightweight and at the same time durable. Glossy color, available in black, rose gold and silver color. According to its product images, the smartwatch has a vacuum plating finish with a glossy look, making it look elegant. For its strap, the wearable has a removable silicon strap with its quick-release pin. Change it to third-party strap or just pick from the different color options offering by LEMFO. It is skin-friendly material, that is soft as well as durable.


When it comes to display, the wearable has a 1.78” inch high definition full-color screen. Sharp, screen display with slim bezel. More information is displayed, full colorful full touch and with 320 x 385 pixel resolution. If we are going to take a look at the images, the wearable has a 2.5D tempered glass protection.

Features of the LEMFO LF30 Smartwatch

Health Monitoring

The smartwatch is loaded with health monitoring function. It has 24/7 real time heart rate monitor, with its optical sensor and heart rate algorithm, the smartwatch can automatically monitor your HR with graphs and stats in the support app. Additional health features are blood pressure monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, now you can check your health stats, anytime, anywhere.

There is also sleep monitoring, monitoring the time you sleep, awake time as well as the number of sleep hours. The wearable has a good health monitoring function, checking your vital stats anytime, anywhere.

Multiple Sports Modes

Get fit with its 7 exercise modes, choose from walking, running, cycling, skipping rope, badminton, tennis, and table tennis. The smartwatch monitors the time, heart rate as well as calories.

Remote to Take Photos

With its Bluetooth connectivity, you can use your phone’s camera to take photos, shake your smartwatch to take photos.

Sedentary Reminder

Avoid a sedentary lifestyle, with this feature. When you are sitting for too long, the smartwatch will alert you to stand and move.

Weather Update

Get the latest update with its weather feature. Get the current weather conditions, and well as the temperature with this function.

LEMFO LF30 Smartwatch Specifications

Body: Zinc Alloy

Processor: RTL8762DK processor

Sensors: Shilan Micro SC7A20 Triaxial Sensor, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure, blood oxygen monitoring

Display:1.78″ inch IPS LCD, 320 x 385 pixels

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0

Flash Memory: 128 M

Battery: 220 mAh battery, 20-25 days standby time

Compatible System: Android system 5.0 version or above; iOS system 10.0 version or above

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