H76 Smartwatch – A Smartband and Smartwatch Design in One

H76 Smartwatch – A Smartband and Smartwatch Design in One

If you want a wearable that is sort of a mix of smartband and smartwatch as well, here is the H76 Smartwatch. A wearable that looks like a smartband but with a wide body, widescreen design making it look like a combination of both wearables. We check on its design and features, and here is our initial review of the H76 smartwatch.


Weighing just 51 grams, and with a thickness of 9.5 mm only. The wearable looks sleek as well as trendy with its long rectangular body design. Pick from brilliant silver, obsidian black, and streamer gold, available in glossy color. The design is like a breath of fresh air from the usual circular or square type design. It also has an interchangeable strap just in case you wanted a more personalized strap for your wearable.


Another good thing about its design is the high waterproof rating, it has an IP68 waterproof rating. No worries about it wearing the smartwatch in different outdoor environments. According to its product description, the wearable has a full enclosed structure. It has a zinc alloy material that is made from a one-piece molding.


Aside from the beautiful design, the wearable has a widescreen display. It has a 1.57” inch high definition color screen. The smartwatch has a 240 x 360 pixel resolution. With its widescreen display, more information is displayed on the screen. On top of that is a hyperboloid glass that goes all the way to the edge of the smartwatch.


The H76 smartwatch runs the RTL8762DK processor with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity compatible with Android 5.0 and iOS 10 and above platform. Sensors included in the device are Silan Micro SC7A20 three axis sensor. It also has heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring as well as blood oxygen monitoring.

It provide analysis with graphs and stats of each sensors. For its battery, the wearable has 200 mAh battery with several weeks of standby time.

H76 Smartwatch Features

Automatic Activity Tracking/Sports Monitoring

Record your activity with every movement. It monitors steps, distance, as well as calories. The wearable provides real time results of your activity. When it comes to sports monitoring, get fit with its indoor and outdoor sports, monitors the steps, running, swimming, cycling, basketball, badminton, rope skipping, and football.

Real Time Notifications

Get real time calls, with call rejection option, SMS reminder, social app support such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Email. Additional reminders included are goal reminder, alarm.

Sleep Quality Monitoring

Monitor your state of sleep, the smartwatch automatically monitors the sleep stages, providing analysis, time and sleep stages.

Other features included in the smartwatch are, do not disturb mode, remote camera control, stopwatch, preloaded watch faces, anti-lost.

H76 Smartwatch Specifications

Processor: RTL8762DK processor

Sensors: Shilan Micro SC7A20 Triaxial Sensor, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure, blood oxygen monitoring

Display:1.57″ inch IPS LCD, 240 x 360 pixels

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0

Battery: 200 mAh battery, 7 days battery life

Waterproof Rating: IP68 Waterproof

App Name: Da Fit app

Compatible System: Android system 5.0 version or above; iOS system 10.0 version or above

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