Justice Smart watch – Fashionable Smartwatch for Teens

Justice Smart watch – Fashionable Smartwatch for Teens

Justice has several smartwatch in its line-up but this mode is one of the popular products in its collection. It’s a rectangular smartwatch available in different color options. The Justice smart watch is designed for teens, and is an entry level smartwatch with an affordable price. Check out the details below on the features of the wearable.

Design and Build Quality

The wearable has a rectangular design, sporty looking with a sleek frame, and curved corners.  Metallic frame with a single crown button that works as a home/power button.

We are not sure but seems like the frame is available in one color and there are several options for the straps. Plain color strap, printed, with a classic steel buckle to fasten the wearable.

The screen display is a full color screen, with touch support. We don’t have the details on the size of the screen, but certainly has a 240 x 240 pixel resolution, and preloaded with several cool watch faces.


Features of Justice Smart watch

The smartwatch is a sport smartwatch and got the basic features available in the wearables. See the details below.

Real Time Notifications

Get updated with the latest messages with its real time notifications. When the wearable is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. You can receive messages, and call notifications in real time. Supports SMS notifications, app notifications, such as Twitter, Facebook, Skype, WeChat, WhatsApp and more. For calls, there is an option for reject calls.

Sport Functions

For sports fan, get fit with its sport loaded to the wearable. Sports included are cycling, running, skipping rope, badminton, basketball, football. Aside from that, the smartwatch also supports automatic activity tracking, monitoring the steps, calories as well as distance.

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Health Functions

With regards to health functions, the smartwatch supports sleep monitoring, checking your sleep stages automatically. It monitors the wake-up time, light sleep, as well as deep sleep. There is also a hydration reminder, notifying you that its time to drink water.

Remote Music for Photos

With its Bluetooth connectivity, you can control the music on your phone with the music function. Play, pause, forward, stop to the next music on your phone. There is also a support for remote control for photos, no need to have an assistant to take photos.

Other Functions included

Extra features are timer, stopwatch, find my phone, and lift your wrist to wake up function.


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