Fontafit Smartwatch 390CH – Review of Features

Fontafit Smartwatch 390CH – Review of Features

Here is one of the most popular wearables from Fontafit, the Fontafit Smartwatch 390CH. A trendy wearable with the latest, hardware and specs. See the details below for the review of the features of the Fontafit smartwatch 390CH.

Design and Build Quality

The smartwatch fastest smartwatch 390CH has a rectangular design, a light sporty design, sleek body, semi-rounded edge and corners. There is a single pusher button on its center side that is somewhat embedded in the frame of the wearable.

Sporty-looking smartwatch with good durability, light aluminum material accompanied by a flexible silicon strap with stainless steel buckle. We have tackled here a fitness tracker from Fontafit, and this is our first rectangular smartwatch from the brand name.

Overall body of the smartwatch is IP54, its inferior to other wearables in terms of water protection but no worries, as the wearable got the basic waterproof protection. Safe from splashes of water, sweat as well as dust.

When it comes to  display screen, the Fontafit Smartwatch 390CH model has a color LCD screen. A 1.69” inch TFT LCD screen, with full touch support. It has a 280 x 280 pixel resolution, slim bezel, and preloaded with cool watch faces.


Features of Fontafit Smartwatch 390CH

As Fontafit describes it, the wearable has the standard functions, that most smartwatches have.

Health Functions

The smartwatch has the latest sensor for monitoring your heart rate, the blood pressure as well as blood oxygen. It provides data on your health status right away in the wearable. With the heart rate monitor you can set it to 24/7 monitoring available in the support app.

There is also a sleep monitoring function, it automatically monitors the sleep stages. From light sleep, deep sleep, it also includes the total time, and awake time period.

Sports Tracking and Automatic Activity

It automatically monitors the steps, calories, as well as distance. Aside form that, it monitors your sport activity with its sport tracking function. The wearable got the basics such as walking, running, and more.

Bluetooth Call Support

With its Bluetooth 4.0, and a built-in speaker and mic. The smartwatch has a support for Bluetooth call. You can call directly in the smartwatch when it is connected to the phone via Bluetooth. Receive calls, and answer it directly with this functionality.

Voice Assistant

You can initiate commands with its built-in mic in combination with AI directly in the smartwatch. Execute commands for asking time, weather and other functions.

Music Control

Connected via Bluetooth, you can play, pause, forward to the next music on your phone.

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Remote Control for Photos

Use your smartwatch as a remote control for camera on your phone. Use it as a shutter remote, which is very useful if you want to take photos especially if you want to use the rear camera.

Real Time Notifications

Aside from Bluetooth call, you can also receive message notifications. Receive and read SMS messages directly in the smartwatch. Also supports app notifications like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp.

Other Functions

The wearable also includes alarm, timer, preloaded watch faces, there is also a wrist to wake up screen and more.

FontaFit Smartwatch 390CH

Dimensions: 44 mm

Display: 1.69” inch TFT LCD, 280 x 280 pixel resolution

Sensors: acceleration sensor, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitor, blood oxygen monitor

Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0

Battery: 150 m Ah battery 15 days battery life

Compatibility: iOS 9.0 and above, Android 5.0 and above


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