IWO 7 2021, Max Smartwatch – Best Apple Watch 7 Clone?

IWO 7 2021, Max Smartwatch – Best Apple Watch 7 Clone? 

Apple Watch series 7 is soon to be here, as we all know it is one of the best smartwatch in the market, and one of the most indemand. With the popularity of the smartwatch from Cupertino, here comes the copycat, the clone, in other terminologies, the fake version.

These wearables intended to copy the look of the Apple Watch, sort of. But if in terms of its software, it is far from reality,  not even close. Here we have one in our lists of wearables to be reviewed, the IWO 7 2021, marketed also as the IWO Max smartwatch. This is one of the newest in the market and said to be one of the best Apple Watch 7 clone.  Below is our review of this smartwatch, the IWO 7 2021, IWO Max smartwatch.

Design and Build Quality

What are the changes? This is one of the first question that smartwatch fans are asking in terms of series design compared to series 6. Checking on the looks, there is an obvious change on the series 7 compared to series 6. The body frame of the smartwatch has a flatter design, still it has a curved corner but it doesn’t have a rounded edges that we see in the previous version.


Flat frame, sharp edge, and with that classic feel. It measures 44 x 36 x 9.9 mm, the IWO 7 has a zinc alloy body with thicker body frame, durable, and much heavier compared to other series 6 that we review regardless of the model.

It is available in black, silver and rose gold color. We picked the rose gold color, and so far we are contented with the look, and design. The smartwatch has a brushed finish, although we wished it to have a glossy finished, but it is still ok. Similar to previous model, the wearable  has a sporty strap, that is attached to the smartwatch by force fitting. Environmental grade material with the same color as the body of the wearable.

In terms of durability, and waterproofing, the smartwatch has an IP68 waterproof rating. The wearable is waterproof from hand washing, rain, but although it has a high rating, the wearable it not advisable to wear it underwater especially in sea water.



The screen display is much wide with the 44 mm body size. It has a 1.82” inch IPS LCD screen. Sharp, slim black bezel, and based on our test, the screen is very responsive, simple UI, easy to access settings. In terms of glass protection, the smartwatch has a much flatter tempered glass, as oppose to a 2.5D tempered glass in series 6 that has a much rounded edges.

Features, Functions in Series 7

In terms of the overall series 7 feel, the IWO 7 is all about the looks, the design. It is far from the original in terms of software. Anyways, this new model has different function, that makes it still a good smartwatch.


The IWO 7/IWO Max has a simple way of accessing the menus. There is no menu option, just a semi-circular menu which is easy to use, and access, its different features. On its center, is the shortcut access to its settings. Although its ok but having that option for choosing different menus such as the classic list, grid or bubble type could have been a good addition.

Health Monitoring Function

Like series 6, the series 7 version is loaded with different health functions. The wearable is equipped with heart health monitoring, the heart rate monitor, checks your HR 24/7. It has a real time heart rate sensor, with additional graphs, and information in the support app.

Aside from that, it also has a blood pressure sensor, carefully checking your diastolic, and systolic fast. For your sports function, the smartwatch is equipped with blood oxygen saturation monitor, checking your SpO2 in real time. Based on our test, the sensor works, and it provided results in less than a minute. For the accuracy, we can’t verify it, as we don’t have a medical grade equipment to compare the results. Anyways, the results should not be the basis for medical diagnosis, but just serves as a reference only.


Bluetooth Calls

The Iwo 7 smartwatch is equipped with high-definition speaker, and mic. With its Bluetooth 5.0, its connection over Bluetooth call is pretty stable. With the functionality, you can now initiate calls directly in the smartwatch. There is also a dial interface, call records, phonebook, for your contacts.

Multi-Sport Mode

If you want sport and fitness, the smartwatch is equipped with it. Sport function in the IWO 7 is categorized into two, outdoor sports, and indoor activities.

Outdoor Sports

  • Outdoor running
  • Outdoor Cycling
  • Sit-ups
  • On foot
  • Mountaineering
  • Other Sports

Indoor Activities

  • Indoor Running
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Sit-ups
  • Push-Ups
  • Free Movement

Depending on the sport function, each sport function monitors the steps, calories, distance as well as BPM.

Additional health functions that you might be interested are, sleep monitoring, it automatically monitors your sleep, the time, light sleep as well as the deep sleep. There is also a graph available in the smartwatch for sleep function.

If you are into yoga, or relaxation, the smartwatch has included a breathing guide. Chose whether its slow breathing, normal or slightly faster. You can also set the duration for how long is the breathing exercises.

Other functions that might be useful are Shake to take photos, countdown, calculator, weather, music control, do not disturb mode, and preloaded watch faces.

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