MaxTop Smartwatch – Model T1, Review of Features

MaxTop Smartwatch – Model T1, Review of Features

An affordable sport smartwatch that you might need, this wearable from MaxTop has a sporty design, looking like an outdoor smartwatch that might be a good partner for your sport activities. Here are the details on its features, and specs.


The Maxtop Smartwatch Model T1 has an outdoor sport look. It has a trendy, unisex with a single circular button on the side. The smartwatch looks good, fashionable, aside from the trendy design, the wearable is accompanied by a sporty strap and with stainless steel buckle. But there is also additional option for steel strap, and leather strap options. The overall body has an IP67 waterproof rating, it is able to withstand splashes of water, sweat, rain as well as dust. If you are planning to get one, it is available in 4 color options with different color straps.

With regards to the display, the MaxTop smartwatch has a 1.3” inch IPS LCD screen with 240 x 240 pixel resolution, It is a full circular screen display with a full touch support. Based on the promotional images, the wearable has a sharp screen display, bright and preloaded with premium watch faces.

Features of the MaxTop Smartwatch

Here are the features, and the different function of the Maxtop Smartwatch model T1.

When you receive notifications, the message pop-ups, and with slight vibration to notify you. The smartwatch supports call, and SMS reminder. With regards to SMS you can read the messages in the wearable. There is also a support for Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and more.

Automatic Activity Tracking, and Sports Monitoring

The smartwatch is equipped with automatic activity tracking. It monitors the steps, calories, as well as the distance. It is also loaded with several sports tracking function. This includes the basics such as running, walking, cycling and more. Its sport function also support connected GPS which is great for your outdoor activity.

Health Tracking

Aside from fitness monitoring, the smartwatch is also packed with health tracking. It has heart rate sensor, there is also a blood pressure monitoring. Its blood pressure has the option to switch to real time blood pressure monitoring, automatically monitoring your blood pressure every 5 minutes.


Other Functions included in the device

As you can see here, the wearable is loaded with health, and fitness functions. Aside from that the smartwatch is also packed with alarm,

remote camera control, music control, anti-lost. There is also a sleep monitoring function, monitoring your deep sleep, light sleep and the sleep duration.

MaxTop Smartwatch T1 Model Specifications

Display: 1.3″ inch IPS LCD, 240 x 240 pixels

Processor: NRF52832

Sensor: g-sensor, heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0

Battery: 180 mAh battery

Waterproof Rating: IP68 waterproof

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