Imoo Smartwatch – Review of Features –Best Smartwatch for 10 Years old?

Imoo Smartwatch – Review of Features –Best Smartwatch for 10 Years old?

Here are, we already wrote several articles regarding smartwatches for kids. From simple wearables to a much premium looking smartwatch for kids. Checking the web, we spotted this good looking, somewhat premium smartwatch for kids. Looks like the wearable do have some pretty interesting features that make it one of our top choice for kids smartwatch.

Let us check the design, of the Imoo smartwatch, so far the company only has one model for a smartwatch phone. It’s the iMoo Watch Phone Y1 version, a wearable with call features. The smartwatch has a premium design, suitable for mature kids. I guess it is safe to say that the smartwatch is the best smartwatch for 10 years old.

Most of the smartwatches in the market for kids, do have an obvious kiddie design, usually, it looks caters to at least 7-3 years old and below. Although this is ok and attractive to kids, especially toddlers, the design might not fit the kids with age ranges from 7-10.

The imoo smartwatch has a comfortable design, it is an ultra-thin smartwatch measuring 12.98 mm only. Simple, futuristic, trendy design that is attractive but not that looking like a cheap toy. It also has a soft silicon strap that is flexible and safe for children. It has a honeycomb design making it breathable.


The overall design has a good waterproof rating. Watching the promotional video for the smartwatch, this feature is one of the first that they address in designing the wearable. It has an IPX8 water resistant rating, it is fully waterproof up to 20 meters. It has been cleverly designed with premium materials to make it fully water/submerged proof.The speaker, mic is protected as well as its SIM card tray.

Reading the details on the iMoo smartwatch, the wearable is designed to make your kids safe, having consistent communication with them as the same time getting them fit and healthy.

With regard to communication, here are the features of the iMoo smartwatch model Y1.

Call and Message Functions

With its nano SIM card, you can call your children anywhere, it is a two-way call with clear and crisp calls. Contact them anywhere, anytime. Reliable communication with your children, learning their whereabouts.

Aside from call, the smartwatch also features group chat. With the app, the family can communicate with each other whether its text or voice messages in the chat room.


If you are worried about strangers calling your kids on their smartwatch. The wearable features a “reject strange call” option, keeping your kids safe from predator.

Kids Tracking via GPS

To complete the security of your kids, the wearable features 5 types of positioning. Supports Satellite-GPS, Base Station (BS), WiFi, Acceleration Sensors, and A-GPS. You can check the location of your kids, in the support app. If there is an emergency, the imoo smartwatch has an SOS button, to alert you with a sudden emergency.

SOS and other useful features

Aside for communication function, the wearable also has step tracking, activity schedule, alarm, and balance inquiry. It is a pretty useful smartwatch for kids, and perhaps one of the best and surely a wearable that fit for 10 years old and below.


Imoo Smartwatch Specifications Model Y1

Brand: iMoo

Model: Y1

Screen: LCD

SIM slot: yes, nano SIM

Features: Supports Satellite-GPS, Base Station (BS), WiFi, Acceleration Sensors, and A-GPS.

Sensor: G-sensor

Battery: 680 mAh battery, 165 hours of battery life. With Chip Power Management Protection

Waterproof Rating: IPX8 Waterproof rating up to 10 meters

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