[Weekend SpotLight] Hype Style Co Smartwatch, Mario Smart, Noise Fit core and more

[Weekend SpotLight] Hype Style Co Smartwatch, Mario Smart, Noise Fit core and more

Here are some wearable that has been the focus for the past several days. This includes the Noise Fit Core smartwatch with a circular design, a sporty look available in charcoal black, as well a silver gray. The smartwatch has a 1.28” inch TFT LCD screen display with a sharp, crisp 240 x 240 pixel resolution. This is for the fans of Noise Fit who are looking for an affordable wearable with a good features, as well as specifications.

Aside from good specs, the wearable has at least 13 sports mode functions, and several health monitoring function. It also has a good standby time, it is about 30 days, and 7 days of normal usage.


Another wearable that is in the spotlight is the Mario smartwatch, the wearable is more of a collector’s item rather than a smartwatch for your everyday activity. This limited-edition smartwatch is from TAG Heuer, its from the TAG Heuer Connected Super Mario Limited Edition with the price tag of $2,150. It is a Wear OS smartwatch and runs the latest SnapDragon Wear 3100C processor. Its device has an 8 GB of storage as well as 1 GB of RAM. It has a beautiful sharp, 1.39” inch 454 x 454 pixel resolution OLED display. It has a full touch, full circular screen display. Similar to its previous TAG Heuer Connected, the smartwatch is equipped with health feature, GPS, WIFI, and variety of downloadable apps from Google Play.

Another smartwatch that keeps appearing on our radar, is the Hype Style Co Smartwatch, an affordable smartwatch. It is a simple design smartwatch for those who are looking for the basic features in a wearable such as sporty functions and notifications. There is also much interest on the series 7 smartwatch clone, where we already listed some of the best Apple Watch 7 Clone.

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