[Problem] How to Connect Y68 Smartwatch to FitPro app – Troubleshooting Guide

[Problem] How to Connect Y68 Smartwatch to FitPro app – Troubleshooting Guide

Despite the advancement in technology when it comes to wearable, most wearable fans especially those who are new in the world of wearables still regards the “price” as the main consideration in getting a new smartwatch. Aside from the features, the price is their top priority in getting a new device.

In the market, there are a lot of affordable smartwatches. One of the latest and popular among fans is the Y68 smartwatch. It is a lightweight, simple affordable smartwatch. Believe it or not, the wearable is priced at less than $5 U.S dollars.

Just like what they say, you get what you paid for, it is affordable but expects that there will be some issues with the device. Let’s get real, a smartwatch that is less than $5 dollars, expect that it is not a full-proof device, or error-free device. Even high-end device experienced issues with their device, how more for a $5 dollar wearable. Don’t get me wrong, the smartwatch is ok, it has the basics features (see review of features) but there are some issues also based on the reviews of users about the device.


We just don’t if it’s a manufacturing defect or just simply the device has poor quality materials. If you encounter some issues with your Y68 smartwatch, whether its not turning on or synchronizing with your support app. You might want to try the workaround below before doing any drastic thing about your device and throwing it into oblivion.

Here are some issues regarding the Y68 smartwatch, check out the issues we tried with Y68. Some solutions might work, some will not but anyway any solutions are welcome compared to have none at all.

Basic Steps in Connecting your Y68 Smartwatch to your Smartphone

1. Download the FitPro app, you can download it by searching the app on Android or iOS or scanning the QR code that is available in the support app

2. Install the app to your smartphone

3. Open the app and allow all the permissions, such as phone calls, access to media device, contacts, messages and location. It will also ask you for notification access, tap the toggle button on for FitPro app.

4. On the app, select “Bind Devices to experience more features” the app will ask to activate the “Open Location Services/location information” if it’s still not turned on.

5. The FitPro app will search for the device, if you see the Y68 smartwatch, tap on it to select and bind the device to your smartphone.

Check the Troubleshooting Solution for Y68 Smartwatch

My Y68 Smartwatch will not Turn-on, what seems to be the Problem?

Possible Solutions:

Fully charged your smartwatch, before turning it on. Based on our experienced, sometimes it will take time to turn it on. Especially if the device if the battery has been depleted for several months or more.

If it’s not charging, try to use a different charging plug or with a much faster-charging speed. There is a possibility that you are using a faulty cable.


Can’t Connect/Synchronize the Y68 smartwatch to FitPro Support app

Possible Solutions:

If you are having problems with connecting your smartwatch to your support app or synchronizing it. Try the troubleshooting guide below.

1. Turn-off and turn-on your smartwatch or smartphone, sometimes restarting your device do the trick.

2. Manually adding the smartwatch to the Bluetooth settings. On the “Settings” option, go to “Bluetooth” option. The smartphone will look for the Bluetooth device closed to the smartphone, then select the smartwatch.

3. If you already added the device on the list, sometimes doing the opposite works. Go to “Settings”, then “Bluetooth”, and if the device is added to the list. Select the device and tap remove the device or forget the device.

4. Reinstall the support app or download a lower version of the FitPro app. Sometimes, the solution is simple as just changing a smartphone. Try to install and synchronize the smartwatch to a new smartphone.

Below are some version of the FitPro app

Google Play Link for the Support app

FitPro 1.5.6 Version for Android Download link

FitPro 1.5.2 Version Download Link

FitPro 1.5.1 Version Download Link

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