Festina Smartwatch, SmartTime – A Sexy Women’s Smartwatch

Festina Smartwatch, SmartTime – A Sexy Women’s Smartwatch

Festina a watch company, is popular with their premium-looking wearables from ladies wristwatches to mens wrist watches. Their premium watches range from fashionable womens smartwatch, chrono type watch, sporty chrono smartwatch to classic looking Swiss made wristwatch.

Of course, it will not be complete if they will not innovate, with this, they also have an entry in the smartwatch world. The Festina smartwatch, model Festina Smartime smartwatch. The wearable has several designs as well as material but they all have the same features and specs.

The Festina smartwatch collection is available in 41.2 mm only and you can either choose from jewel adorned bezel or just the plain simple bezel option. With the jewel option, the body is available in either 316L stainless steel to steel Zirconia.

Festina Smartwatch with jewels

Whether they have different body materials, all have interchangeable straps. You can buy a third-party straps for your smartwatch or use the extra strap that comes with the smartwatch. A feature that set the Festina smartwatch from other ladies smartwatch is the hybrid feature of the wearable. The smartwatch has a physical time dial on top of the AMOLED screen display. Although the smartwatch doesn’t have support for an “Always On Display”, you can still tell time with its classic time dial.

Features of the Festina Smartwatch

Anyways, all of the smartwatches have the same cool features, whether it’s health, fitness, or notifications. Let’s check it below if what are the feature offering of the Festina Smartwatch -Smartime Edition. The smartwatch has a 6-axis accelerometer, a heart rate sensor, and a gyroscope with its sensors, it has the following features.

Health features included in the smartwatch are heart rate monitoring with the option to set to HRV auto-tracking and heart rate alarm. There is also a breathing exercise with instructions to follow for a proper breathing exercise. There is also sleep monitoring, checking your sleep pattern, deep sleep, light sleep, and a number of hours.


If you are into sports, the smartwatch is equipped with multi-sport mode, it has walking, running, cycling accompanied by distance, time, and steps data. All of the graphs and other data regarding your activity can be viewed on the support app.

Other functions that you might like are music control feature, with it you can jump to the previous or next song on the list, you can also increase the volume up or down right on your smartwatch. Weather notifications, get real-time weather report with the option to personalize the cities for the weather updates.

Notifications – of course, it got the basic all and message notifications, you can directly read the information right on the screen display. It also support social app notifications such as email, Facebook, Twitter and more. Additional functions included are sedentary alert, find phone, reminders and preloaded watch faces.

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