How to Pair HiWatch Pro App/ HiWatch/(Troubleshooting Problems Etc)

How to PairHiWatch Pro App/ HiWatch/ (Troubleshooting Problems Etc)

HiWatch app, this support application is becoming popular as a partner app for affordable smartwatches. Especially for Chinese wearables whether it’s a fitness tracker or smartwatch.

The support app has over a million downloads, developed by Shenzen Jusheng Intelligent Technology. It also has several upgraded versions, the HiWatch Pro, as well as HiWatch Plus.

It is an easy-to-use app providing services, and added functionalities to smartwatches. Below are the technical details about the HiWatch App.


Technical Details

HiWatch App – an app based on the development of Bluetooth smartwatch, which can remotely take photos, push messages, remote calls, heart rate and more.

Details: (As of this writing)

Version: 6.1.0

Downloads: 1 million +

Required OS: Android 5.0 and up, iOS 8.0 +

Developer: Shenzen Jusheng Intelligent Technology Co. LTD

Download Link for the app

How to Pair HiWatch App to your Smartwatch

  1. Download the HiWatch App, available in Android and iOS platform
  2. Install the app, just follow the usual app setup
  3. When you successfully installed the app, you will be prompted by a login from
  4. Pick an option for signup/registration
  • Signup and Register via form
  • Third Party Login (Facebook, WhatsApp)
  • Skip ( jump over)
  • Picking the skip option will bypass the registration but you will not be able to save your settings, and recorded activities into the cloud
  1. Once you proceed to the main UI of the app, you will be prompted by the following permissions
  • Notification Access ( allow HiWatch to read all notifications etc)
  • All HiWatch to access devices location
  1. On the HiWatch Dashboard, tap on the “Equipment” to add your device in the support app.
  2. Tap on “Connect Device”, if the Bluetooth connectivity is not activated, it will ask you to activate the wearable
  3. The support app will try to search for the device to
  4. Tap on the device, to connect and pair your smartwatch to your HiWatch app

HiWatch Pro App

Another app from the same developer, a support app for fitness trackers and smartwatches. Its an upgraded version with our 100,00+ downloads, compatible with Android 5.0 and up.

It is intended for wearable running Bluetooth 4.0 and above, and similar to HiWatch. It provides data on health, activity and add functionality to smartwatches.

How to Pair HiWatch Pro App

  1. Download the HiWatch Pro app
  2. Install the Support app
  3. On the Dashboard, tap on the “Set” menu
  4. Tap on “ Bind Devices to Experienced Features” (note: it will automatically turn on the Bluetooth, if its disabled)
  5. The app will ask you for a Permission
  • HiWatch Pro Wants to Access the Devices Location
  1. The support app will automatically search for the smartwatch to be pared
  2. Select/ap on the compatible smartwatch to pair

What are the Issues/Problems on HiWatch app or the HiWatch Pro App?

Although the app has a lot of features and supports a lot of new wearables. The app is far from perfect. Users, especially new users encounter problems from installation to pairing the wearable to the app.

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Problems that users encounter with the app connectivity

  • Support app can’t find the device
  • The smartwatch keeps on disconnecting with the app
  • Can’t download the watch faces
  • Can’t receive notifications
  • Only few Watch Faces
  • Unable to login

Troubleshooting Problems with HiWatch App or the HiWatch Pro App

  1. The support app can’t pair or connect with the device

Possible Solution:

  • Restart your device both smartwatch and smartphone
  • Check if the Bluetooth of your smartphone is turned on
  • See compatibility requirements
  1. The Connection Keeps Disconnecting

Possible Solution:

  • Install the latest app version
  • Uninstall the app, and reinstall the app
  • Unpair and pair it again
  1. Can’t receive Notifications

Possible Solution:

  • Make sure the smartwatch is connected
  • Setup Notification Permission, allowing the smartwatch to receive messages, whether its SMS or social app messages, this also includes call notifications
  1. Unable to login

Possible Solution:

  • Might be slow internet connection, with the app server ( try to login after several minutes)

Error after an app update

Possible Solution:

  • Uninstall the app and Reinstall again
  • Downgrade to a lower version


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