iTouch Air 2 Smartwatch – Still a Popular Wearable for 2022

iTouch Air 2 Smartwatch – Still a Popular Wearable for 2022

iTouch has several cool smartwatches in its collection, new and fashionable smartwatches. Although there are new wearables, still this classic-looking smartwatch is still a fan favorite. iTouch Air 2 smartwatch. What makes the old-timer a fan favorite? We have the details below on its features, and specs. And decide for yourself whether the wearable is still a good pick for 2022.

Design and Build Quality

The iTouch Air 2 smartwatch has a classic-looking design. A 41 mmm rectangular body design, a metal body available in rose gold, and classic black color. If you want a classic feel, the Air 2 smartwatch is still one of the few wearables in the market with this design.

The look of the wearable brings you back to the earlier days of the smartwatch boom, where styles are like this, square, sharp edge, and corners.

The Air 2 model has a single rectangular button on its side that serve as a power/home button. It’s a simple-looking smartwatch accompanied by a sporty silicon watch strap, or leather strap with quick release pin feature.

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For its screen display, the wearable has a rectangular color screen. A 1.6” inch color LCD screen with a grid type menu. Similar to smartphone, the display has a touch button keys on the bottom part, answer key, dial keys, and return button. The menu is a grid menu, looking like a small smartphone on your wrist, retro, classic looking UI style.


Features of iTouch Air 2 Smartwatch

Bluetooth Call Support

The smartwatch with its connectivity to your smartphone via Bluetooth, you can initiate call directly in the smartwatch. Sport dialer, contact as well as call logs. The wearable has a built-in mic for the Bluetooth call.

Bluetooth Music and Camera Control

Another feature that takes advantage of Bluetooth connectivity is Bluetooth music as well as Bluetooth camera control. With Bluetooth music, you can control the music on your phone, pause, play, stop, or go to the next list. With the remote Camera control, you can control the photo shutter of your camera on your wrist.

Real Time Messaging

It also supports real-time notifications. Receive SMS or social app notifications with this feature.

Health Monitoring Functions

For its health monitoring, the smartwatch supports heart rate monitoring, checking, and monitor your HR anytime, anywhere. It also supports sleep monitoring, checking your sleep activity automatically. Additional health function is the sedentary reminder, alerting you to move after a long sitting. To keep you fit, the smartwatch also supports automatic activity tracking, monitoring the steps, calories and distance.

iTouch Smartwatch App

To be able to use and get more out of your wearable. You need to pair your smartwatch with the support app. You can download the app, iTouch smartwatch, available in iOS and Android platform.

Pairing the smartwatch with the app is easy, just follow the instructions on how to install the app. On the app dashboard, just tap device pair/ sync to pair your smartwatch.

The smartwatch will automatically search for the device, tap to par the smartwatch. Just enable the app to activate permissions.

Note: The iTouch Air 2 smartwatch is not available on the website of iTouch only the user manuals, the current product is the iTouch Air 3 and it is on product display. But if you want to purchase, there are available Air 2 in several online shopping sites.


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