Hela Bio Smart Watch – Blood Glucose Tester on your Wrist

Hela Bio Smart Watch – Blood Glucose Tester on your Wrist

The wearables especially smartwatches are getting more advance. We remember, that it started by just an alarm to tracking your steps, a heart rate monitor then added with calorie counter, blood pressure as well as blood oxygen monitoring.

Well, that is not enough an ECG monitoring has been integrated to give you an overall wearable, monitoring your health.

And now from Hela, the Hela Bio Smart watch, a wearable with blood glucose tester on your wrist. Pricking your skin to test your blood sugar is the thing of the past, this product from Hela will test your sweat to check for blood glucose. It is a non-invasive way of checking your blood sugar.


The smart watch/smart band do have a sporty lightweight design. Looking like a fitness tracker, the wearable has a futuristic look having slightly curved design body with a silicon strap. The device is available in light, concrete, turquoise and charcoal colors. It has a high definition full color AMOLED screen with touch button key operation.


Hela Bio Smart watch Review of Features

What is a Hela Bio Smart watch?

Of course the main feature of the wearable is blood glucose checker. It is so far one of the very first in the industry to integrate it into wearable. The device has a bio-chip sweat test technology integrated to the smartwatch. It has an advanced algorithm chip that can accurately predict the physiological parameter. Its like having a lab on your wrist.

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How does the Hela Bio Smart watch work?

According to Hela Bio, the smartwatch uses only 1 drop of sweat, yes no more pricking. Just a sweat that will run on a a special cellular fiber material that will guide the sweat into the porous golden nano sweat sensor. And with its artificial intelligence and smart algorithm it can give accurate results of your blood glucose.

With this revolutionary feature the wearable received accolades in the recent CES 2020. I think this integration of glucose checker in the wearable is a great function. Especially right now that the disease is in the top ten of leading cause of death in the U.S. and number one cause of kidney failure according to CDC.

Hela Bio Smart watch

The Hela Bio Smart watch can detect at least several body sugar levels.

Diabetes Symptoms – Know the warning signs before leading to a full blow disease

Type 1 Diabetes -Check whether your body is not producing insulin, also called insulin dependent diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes – Its a non-insulin dependent diabetes, your body is not producing enough insulin.

Gestational Diabetes– Detect diabetes during pregnancy, protect yourself and your unborn child by early detection.

Additional Health Functions

Aside from blood glucose levels, it is able to check your dynamic heart rate, static heart rate. It can also detect blood pressure trends and it is equipped with sleep monitoring.

No details if the device can receive notifications such as messages or calls. But one thing is for sure, the smartwatch is health focus wearable checking your overall health especially on your blood sugar.

Right now, the wearable is available in Indiegogo this August. Try to check the Indiegogo page for details on the Hela Bio smart watch.

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