Kospet Raptor Outdoor Smartwatch – Review of Features

Kospet Raptor Outdoor Smartwatch – Review of Features

Finally the next generation outdoor smartwatch from Kospet is here, simple called Kospet Raptor. As the name suggest, the smartwatch it built for touch environment, its your partner wearable for your outdoor activities.

If you are looking for a smartwatch that will be touch for outdoor activities without spending too much. I guess the wearable will suit your taste. Now that the wearable is available in the market, let’s check its features and specs and see whether its worth buying or not.

Rugged Design and Sharp Display

The Kospet Raptor smartwatch has a rugged style with two physical buttons on the side, a power button and a back button. The smartwatch despite its rugged design has a light body weighing 47 grams only. According to Kospet, it is light and comfortable to wear. It also has a sweat permeable TPU strap that is skin friendly with its sweat resistant material. According to its specs page, the body is made from made from high strength glass fiber composite. It is light and durable with shockproof design.


Overall, the body has an IP68 waterproof rating, it is durable from harsh outdoor environment. It is fully sealed, it is dust proof, water proof up to 5 ATM, anti-collision. The device has undergone strict laboratory test, as well as in various outdoor sport environments.

The smartwatch is built for outdoors, that is why it is a must to have a good display even outdoors. With this Kospet packed the Raptor with a 1.3” inch high definition screen with 320 x 320 pixel resolution. It has a full touch screen operation and with bright display. You can clearly read the information clearly even outdoors.

Kospet Raptor

Packed with Multi-Mode Sport for Fitness Training

The smartwatch is built for outdoor, no wonder why Kospet loaded it with at least 20 sports mode. It has several sporty and fitness activities with additional outdoor activities. The smartwatch has running, walking, skiing, swimming, basketball, football, badminton, rugby, baseball, trail running, outdoor cycling, tennis, golf, bowling, dumbbells, sit-ups, rowing machine, elliptical machine, free training and mountaineering.

If you are concerned with your health, the smartwatch has 24/7 heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring as well as automatic activity tracking with calorie and distance tracking. It also has sedentary reminder, sleep monitoring checking your sleep from the time you take a nap, deep and light sleep to the time you wake -up.

Overall, the smartwatch is a great partner for health and fitness training. Loaded with the basic functions and features.

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Additional Functions

The Kospet Raptor smartwatch is packed with call and message notifications, is also has alarm, weather, music control, timers and more.

Get your smartwatch more personalized with at least 50 original UI watch faces. These watch faces has that Kospet feel and look and more fashionable and with a lot of options to choose from. Pick from variety of watch faces that suit your personality.

Our Overall Take on the Kospet Raptor Smartwatch

I think this smartwatch is a great pick for an affordable, dependable outdoor smartwatch. It has a durable make, good screen display as well as packed with multi- sports. I think a feature that is missing to make it a total outdoor smartwatch is the built-in GPS. GPS right now I think is a must for an outdoor wearable providing a map trajectory of your outdoor activities. Another feature is the compass which is very useful especially with the hiking feature that is loaded to the device.

Again with the affordable price of the Kospet Raptor, you really can’t complain about it. Good specs and design that will accompany you in your outdoor activities.

Basic Specifications of Kospet Raptor Smartwatch

Brand: Kospet Model: Raptor

Basic Specifications of Kospet Raptor Smartwatch

Brand: Kospet Model: Raptor

Dimensions: 4.7 x 5.2 x 13.3cm

Weight: .50 grams

Display: 1.3″ inch TFT LCD 320 x 320 pixel resolution

Processor: nRF52832

Memory: 64 KB + 64 M

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0

Battery Capacity: 230mAh with 30 days of standby time, 8-12 days of daily usage

Water Resistant Rating: IP68 Waterproof

Compatible OS Version: IOS9.0 and above, Android 5.1 and above


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