Harry Lime Smartwatch – Classy Fashionable Wearable

Harry Lime Smartwatch – Classy Fashionable Wearable

You might want to check this popular product from Harry Lime, simply called Harry Lime Smartwatch. The wearable has a unique fashionable style packed with different features and with good specs. See the details below for the initial review of Harry Lime smartwatch.

Design and Build Quality

The smartwatch has a circular design with a premium fashionable look. It’s a unique smartwatch available in different color options such as stone lime, white lime, pink lime, black lime, rose lime as well as silver lime.. It has a single crown button on the side, a PC with an elegant aluminum bezel. The design looks like a traditional timepiece, and it is recognized by an interchangeable strap, with steel buckle.

With elegant style, and still in the affordable range, making it is a good pick. Especially for those who would love to have a transition from a traditional timepiece to a smartwatch, but still want a classic look. Still, it is lightweight, and with a durable waterproof body design.

The Harry Lime smartwatch has a circular display, its sport a full-color screen. And on top of it is a tempered glass screen with a crystal clear display. To complete its look, the smartwatch offers a wide range of watch faces both in preloaded and downloaded in the Harry Lime support app.



With its fashionable look, solid design, and premium quality. The smartwatch offers a wide range of different functionalities. Below are the different features, from health, sports to basic notifications alerts.

Features of Harry Lime Smartwatch

Health Monitoring Functions

For its health monitoring, the wearable supports heart rate monitor, with the option for 24/7 monitoring. You can check for your BPM anytime, anywhere with the option to see more data in the Harry Lime support app.

There is also a sleep tracker, automatically monitoring your sleep, recording the deep sleep, light sleep as well as the time and the number of sleep hours. If you want to check your sleep pattern, the sleep monitoring function is a good way to improve your sleeping habit.

Additional health function that is included in the smartwatach are hydration alerts, the function reminds you to drink water, and keep hydrated, monitoring your  water intake keeping you healthy.

Automatic Activity Tracking and Sports Features

If you are into sports, the smartwatch is equipped with sports tracking. It has multi-sport mode, sports included are walking, running,hiking, swimming to name a few.

Each sports tracking might monitor the steps, calories or distance. Aside from sports, the smartwatch is equipped with activity tracking, it automatically track the steps, calories, HR and distance.

Smart Notifications

The Harry Lime smartwatch supports smart real time notifications. Receive call alerts, social alerts, you can also receive and read SMS messages directly in your smartwatch.

Music and Photo Bluetooth Control

Take advantage with the Bluetooth functionality. Make your smartwatch a remote for your smartphone’s camera, you can use your smartwatch as a shutter remote.

Music control, play, forward, stop with this music control. No need to reach for your phone just to change the music on your phone.

Weather Alerts

Get real-time weather alerts, with the weather function on your smartwatch

Additional Functions

Features included in your wearable are timer, stopwatch, anti-lost, alarm, watch faces and more.

Basic Specifications of Harry Lime Smartwatch

Display: 1.3″ inch IPS LCD 240 x 240 pixel resolution
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
Battery: 4 days of normal usage
Waterproof Rating: IP68

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