Brainz Smartwatch – A 116 Plus Rebranded

Brainz Smartwatch – A 116 Plus Rebranded

Check this popular affordable smartwatch in the market, it’s the Brainz smartwatch. Obviously, it’s an entry-level smartwatch for kids, teens or anyone who wants a smartwatch with basic functions and of course friendly on your budget.

Design and Build Quality

The Brainz smartwatch has a simple design, a rectangular body with a PC material. Simple design with no physical buttons on its body. It has a direct USB charging design, just remove the strap that serves as a cover of the USB connector. It’s a small size smartwatch with a lightweight body design.

Regarding the strap, the wearable has a silicon strap with stainless steel buckles. Overall, the body has an IP67 rating, splash-proof, and dust-proof as well. The screen is full color, a 1.3” inch screen, TFT LCD screen with support for touch button key operation. A 240 x 240 pixel resolution with an ok color display.

The body of the smartwatch is available in black color option only, but its strap is available in different color options, pick from blue, red, black, green, and purple color.


Features of Brainz Smartwatch

The wearable is pretty basic but still has the functions that you needed for basic sports tracking.  It is equipped with heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitor as well as blood oxygen monitoring. You can monitor your health stats anytime, anywhere with the smartwatch health functions.

It is equipped with sports functions, at least three sports functions it loaded to it. It includes running, situps, and skipping rope. The sports tracking is pretty basic, if you are looking for a comprehensive sports wearable, this smartwatch is not for you.

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Aside from sport functions, it has also automatic activity tracking, monitoring your steps, calories as well as distance. For its notifications, the smartwatch has real-time notifications, reads SMS messages directly in your wearable, receives call alerts, or social app notifications.

Additional functions included are sleep rating, notifications, alarm, and more. Regarding its hardware, the Brainz smartwatch has several sensors, it also has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity that is compatible with Android and iOS platform. For its battery, the smartwatch has 150 mAh battery with at least 5 days of standby time.

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