MineCraft Smartwatch  – Review of Features

MineCraft Smartwatch  – Review of Features

This smartwatch is a collector’s item for the fans of MineCraft. Although the wearable is intended more for kids, still it’s a good wearable that can be included in the list of items for the collectors of MineCraft memorabilia. See the details below for the Minecraft smartwatch.


The smartwatch has a sporty look, it has a PC body, retro-looking rectangular device with a sporty strap. This wearable is medium size with a color bezel screen display and on top is a selfie camera. On its side is single power button, and a USB port for charging, this is for transferring files on your personal computer. Simple sporty design available in green and multi-color option. The smartwatch maybe a good addition to your Minecraft collection or just want to give it as a gift to your kids or teens.

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Of course, it’s an official Minecraft Kids smartwatch, with it, the wearable comes with the OFFICIAL  MINECRAFT LOGO. And it is packed with an elegant box with retro graphics.


Feature Spotlight of the Smartwatch

  • Wide variety of Watch Faces
  • Built-in Camera
  • 26 Games available in the smartwatch
  • Voice Recorder

Features of MineCraft Smartwatch

The smartwatch comes with a color screen display, with retro Minecraft watch faces. At least 10 watch faces are available to your wearable. The display has also 3 wallpapers available, for you to choose from.

With its built-in selfie-cam, you can take a photo or video cam. The wearable also has a built-in mic for video recording as well as voice.

It also comes with at least 6 games for you to play. Have fun with the games included in your smartwatch.

Activity tracking feature, aside from the above functions, the wearable is also loaded with step tracking, as well as a calorie counter.  You can keep track of your daily activity with your smartwatch.

Additional functions included on the smartwatch are alarm, timer, stopwatch, as well as a calculator.

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