Best Screen Protector/Bumper case for Xiaomi Mi Band 7

Best Screen Protector/Bumper case for Xiaomi Mi Band 7

We already have listed some of the best strap for Mi Band 7. If you have a Mi Band 7, smartband 7 (in Europe). You can add longevity on your band, especially on the screen display by adding a screen protector. We scout shopping sites for the best screen protector for the Mi Band 7.

2 in 1 Screen Protector for Mi Band 7


With this one, you get full protection for your band with the price of one. A 3D film + hard PC case, providing your Mi Band overall protection. It has a full 3D coverage protection, the case is a PC material and on top is a PET screen protector with ultra thin design. According to its description, it is shockproof and shatter resistance. Yes, it adds a level of protection but also makes your band a bit bulky.

The case protection is available in transparent and black, features scratch resistant, waterproof and with anti-bubble protection.

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10D Protection Screen

If you want screen protection only, this 10D curved fit is a good fit. It has 100% coverage for your Mi Band screen. The screen has a black lining on its side, and with a perfect fit. It’s a scratch-resistant protection screen with high definition, plus with nano-coating for protection. Features anti-fall, waterproof protection, as well as anti-fingerprint coating.


9D Curved Protection  Fit

The screen protector is for those who want screen protection but without a black lining bezel on its side. It is a 9D curved soft hydrogel film that fits perfectly. A 0.1 mm in thickness that is light and full transparent design.

It features anti-fingerprint, bubble free installation, and with high touch sensitivity. The screen protector is easy to apply and fit closely to the edge of the screen.


Armor Case for Mi Band 7

Another 2 in 1 protection for your Mi Band. It is an armor case, bumper case to protect the body of your band and not just your screen. It’s a shock proof case, a shell casing giving your Mi Band an outdoor wearable look, and at the same time protection.

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For rugged case, it is available in pink, black, green and transparent cover. Plus it comes with a tempered glass as screen protection, and also comes with 2 soft film. If you want a full protection, and you have an outdoor activity, this rugged case protection might be a good pick.

Armor Case


20D Protective Film

A think film protector with full transparency. Unlike other screen protectors with black bezel frame. This screen protector has a thin black line. Similar to other screen protectors, it has D rounded edges, high definition screen, and with an oleophobic coating for anti-fingerprint protection.

It’s easy to install, scratch resistant, anti-glare, and durable with its 5H hardness. The screen protector is flexible, and with high durability.

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The above screen protectors are some of the very first screen protectors and bumper case for the latest Xiaomi Mi Band 7. We will update and add more good quality, unique screen protectors for the Mi Band 7.



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