FitPolo Smartwatch Model H709 – Review of Features

FitPolo Smartwatch Model H709 – Review of Features

Check this new wearable from FitPolo, it is one of the latest from its wearable collection. It’s the FitPolo smartwatch model H709 wearable. The wearable has the latest features, and hardware, it is one of the best so far from FitPolo. Below are the details of its features.

Design and Build Quality

The FitPolo smartwatch model H709 has a rectangular display, it has a sporty look. It has a single rectangular button on the side, curved corner, chamfered edges. Solid-body built with IP68 waterproof rating. Durable, and full waterproof, dustproof as well. The solid-body design is accompanied by a breathable sporty strap with stainless steel buckle.

For its screen display, the smartwatch has a full-color display. A 1.3” inch TFT LCD screen with a full touch support. The smartwatch has a sharp display having a 240 x 240-pixel resolution. Sharp screen, bright, and with full-touch support.


Features of the FitPolo Smartwatch H709 model

When it comes to features, especially in health and sports. Below are the features of the H709 wearable.

Multi-Sports Mode

The smartwatch is equipped with multiple sports mode options. If you want to get fit, these sports functions will certainly get you started. Sports included are walking, running, cycling, climbing, basketball, swimming, yoga. Each sports function might monitor the distance, steps, calories as well as heart rate.

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Health Monitoring Functions

For health functions, the smartwatch has heart rate monitoring, with the option for dynamic heart rate monitoring, as well as static mode. All of the data is available in the support app.

It is also equipped with sleep function, monitoring your deep sleep, light sleep as well as the time your wake-up. The wearable also monitors the sleep hour will all the data in the support app.

To lighten your stress, use the breath training exercises of the FitPolo smartwatch. Have a relaxing mode, stress free with the breath training function.

Smart Notifications

Get real-time notifications, receive call and SMS message rights in your wearable. It also supports social app notifications, from WeChat, QQ, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Snapchat, and more.

Other Functions included in the device

Additional functions included in the smartwatch are alarm, timer, stopwatch, sedentary reminder, find phone and more.

There are other additional features in the smartwatch, but it is only available in the support app.

Support App

FitPolo App, the smartwatch uses the FitPolo app available in iOS and Android. It provides additional data on sports, health, settings for notifications, and personalization. It is a lightweight app, 6.0 MB only at the time of this writing with the latest version 3.4.1 and with over 100,000+ install.

Under the Hood

The FitPolo smartwatch runs the Nordic 52840 processor with HRS3300 heart rate sensor, memory 256 KB of RAM, 1 GB of flash. For its connectivity, the wearable has Bluetooth 4.2 with polymer battery that is compatible with Android 4.4 and above, iOS 8.2, and the above platform. Regarding its battery life, the smartwatch has 190 mAh battery with 7-10 days of normal usage.

Initial Review of the FitPolo Smartwatch Model H709

As you can see from the above specifications, the FitPolo smartwatch with the model number H709 is a good wearable with basic features, especially in sport and fitness. It is a lightweight wearable with good display screen.

It uses a low power consumption chip, giving it a long battery life, it has the basic health and fitness function. And its support app is available in iOS and Android platform. The wearable looks ok, it seems like it is ok to use it outdoors, especially for your daily activities. It is also affordable and can be purchased in Amazon and other tech stores.

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