LOKMAT APPLLP 7 Smartwatch – A 4G Dual Chip Smartwatch

LOKMAT APPLLP 7 Smartwatch – A 4G Dual Chip Smartwatch

Check this new wearable from LOKMAT, the LOKMAT APPLLP 7 smartwatch. The wearable is the latest smartwatch from LOKMAT that is loaded with 4G capability. LOKMAT loaded it with different features. Check out our initial review below of the LOKMAT APPLLP 7 smartwatch.

Design and Build Quality

The wearable has a sporty outdoor style, similar to other 4G wearable by LOKMAT. It has a steel case measuring 50 mm x 50 mm x 15.5 mm in thickness. Sporty, and rugged look, the LOKMAT APPLLP 7 smartwatch has two physical buttons on the side, with the camera in between.

The smartwatch has a familiar design, accompanied by a sporty strap with stainless steel buckle. And with stainless steel bezel with chrono type design. So far, when it comes to looks, the smartwatch is decent, it reminds me of the LOKMAT LOK2, and the previous smartwatches in APPLLP series.


Regarding the display screen, the wearable has a full circular screen. A full circular display with sharp, and bright screen. A 1.6” inch TFT LCD screen, with a 400 x 400 pixel resolution. It is a full-touch screen display with vivid colors.

Features of LOKMAT APPLLP 7 Smartwatch

The wearable runs the SC9832C + PAR2822 dual chip. It is equipped with a quad-core chip in combination of the low power chip PAR2822.

The dual-chip is necessary to give the smartwatch a powerful processing speed and a low power consumption processor. This is to give the wearable a long battery life in bracelet mode.

With its quad-core chip, the smartwatch is able to host and process 4G chip. It supports full netcom 4G internet calls with its nano SIM. The smartwatch supports a variety of frequencies, GSM/WCDMA/FDD-LTE, TDD LTE. Other connectivity included are Bluetooth 4.1, WIFI support, GPS + GO support.

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Regarding its sensors, the smartwatch has a variety of health functions. A heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitor. Additional health functions included are sleep monitoring, breath training, sedentary reminder.

Aside from independent calls, and messages. The smartwatch supports a wide range of social apps. You can install popular apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and more. This is made possible with its Android 9.1 operating system.

Range of Sports Functions

The LOKMAT APPLLP 7 smartwatch is not all about communication. It is also loaded with several fitness functions. It has a smart algorithm providing real time results on fitness and health. Sports included are outdoor run, outdoor walk, indoor run, outdoor bike, basketball, football, pingpong, badminton, and jump rope. Aside from that some of its outdoor sports is supported by GPS positioning.

Additional functions to get the most out of your APPLLP 7

Menu Styles – aside from watch faces, you can personalized your smartwatch with its menu style options. Pick from the list, rotating menus, to grid type. Switch style based on your preferences.

Bluetooth Music and Entertainment – you can listen to its music via Bluetooth network or watch movies on your wearable. The smartwatch has two choices for storage space, 16 GB and 128 GB o storage space.

Built-in Camera – whether you use it to take videos or photos, the smartwatch provides a decent image, and graphics with its built-in camera. A 5 mega pixel camera is mounted on the side of the wearable.

Other features included are browser, alarm, Alipay, weather, and more.

With its Android 9.1 operating system, the smartwatch has a variety of functionalities. It is good for sports features, health features. Plus it is loaded with 4G capability and good storage space. Picking the 128 GB gives you more space but 32 GB is enough to download important apps.

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