MaxFit G3 Smartwatch – Let’s Check it Out!!

MaxFit G3 Smartwatch – Let’s Check it Out!!

Surfing the web, we spotted this new wearable in a holiday discount. The wearable is a bit familiar with its design as well as specs, branded as the MaxFit G3 smartwatch. The smartwatch has several reviews already but we don’t know if its the real deal.

Anyways, what we are after is the features and design. The smartwatch has a PC body with a sporty silicon strap. If the wearable is the same as what we are thinking. The smartwatch is surely a lightweight wearable with PC material and with simple glossy type finish. The smartwatch has an innovative design, it has direct USB charging. Just remove the silicon strap that covers the charging connector and you can charge it directly on any USB port.


Features of the MaxFit G3 Smartwatch

Features included in the device according to its product page are health monitoring function, checking your heart rate, the blood pressure as well as blood oxygen levels. It quickly monitors and checks your vital stats with detailed graphs on the support app.

If you are a sports guy, the wearable is also equipped with fitness tracking, aside from automatic activity tracking it has a multi-sport mode, it monitors your sports activity along with calories and distance. The MaxFit G3 also supports message notifications, call notifications, based on its specs, the wearable vibrates when you receive call or messages. It is not stated but I guess it supports popular messaging apps.

Other functions included in the device are sleep monitoring, checking the hours of your sleep as well as the sleep state. It also has a sedentary reminder, keeping you alert and recommending you to move. although it is not stated we expect it to have a remote control for photos, alarm, timer as well a few preloaded watch faces.


The product page did not state the full specifications of the MaxFit G3 smartwatch, but based on the product images. The wearable has a full-color screen display, possibly OLED screen with touch button key operation. Due to its design, the wearable might have an IP67 or IP68 waterproof rating. It has a g-sensor as well as heart rate monitoring, and with Bluetooth connectivity compatible with Android and iOS platform.

So far, right now we have limited information on the MaxFit G3 smartwatch, especially on its specifications. Stay tuned as we bring you more details and information about this new smartwatch in a Holiday promo. Again, just like what we stated on other wearables, always check more details on the smartwatch, especially on the reliable reviews, brand of the product, and if it has a reasonable price.

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