EnduraTrak Smartwatch/Fitness Tracker – Is it a good buy?

EnduraTrak Smartwatch/Fitness Tracker

Remember that we wrote an article before about the Koretrak smartwatch? It is a wearable with a fitness tracker design, it has a sporty look and loaded with fitness features.

Here is another wearable that is similar to the Koretrack. We are not just sure whether it is an upgrade of the wearable or it is a whole new smartwatch or fitness tracker. Check this Enduratrack smartwatch and decide whether it’s a new wearable or not.

The smartwatch has a PC body with a slim design, that is lightweight having a 6.13 oz in weight. It is partnered with the TPE rubber that is available in black color. The overall body is IP67 waterproof rated, and seems like its a good partner for fitness activities.

Looking at the promotional product and its specs. The Enduratrack smartwatch has a 1.08” inch TFT LCD display with a touch button key available in the bottom part of the screen. It’s a full screen with sharp and bright colors. The smartwatch has also a watch face with some of the details such as steps, calories and HR, giving you a glance of the current health stats.

The Enduratrak smartwatch is equipped with health and fitness functions, such as heart rate monitoring, it also has blood pressure and blood oxygen monitor.

For its built-in fitness tracker, the smartwatch automatically monitors your steps, distance, and calories. We don’t have the details on the different sports, but according to its product page, the smartwatch has multi-sports mode.


Other functions included

Aside from health and fitness functions. The smartwatch also has a call and message notifications. You can read messages, see who is calling, and get notifications also from apps such as Facebook, Twitter and more.

It also has sleep monitoring, activity log, find my phone and hands-free photos with its shake your wrist to trigger the camera. We don’t have complete details about its specs, but according to the company it has the essential health and fitness data. With more details and graphs on the support app.

Here are the basic Specifications of Enduratrak Smartwatch

Display: 1.08” inch Touch button key

Body: PC, 6.13 oz, TPU strap

Sensors: g-sensor, heart rate sensor, blood pressure, blood oxygen monitor

Water Resistance: IP67

Initial Review on the EnduraTrak smartwatch

So far, the smartwatch looks like a good sport and fitness wearable. There is product page for the wearable but there is no functional shopping cart as of this writing, there is no price also. We still can’t decide whether the wearable is a good buy. We will update this page when we get more information on this new smartwatch, so stay tuned..

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