U78 Plus Smartwatch, In-Depth Review of Features

U78 Plus Smartwatch In-Depth Review of Features

We already wrote a specs review of this wearable, and also provided a video review of the smartwatch, There is also step by step installation of the support app. Still, there are a lot of questions about the performance of the U78 Plus smartwatch.

Its functions, features and other options included in the smartwatch. Here we will provide you with a detailed but short review of the smartwatch. Instead of stating each functions, one by one, we will pick just some of the most important aspects of the smartwatch.

Design and Materials

The U78 Plus smartwatch has a zinc alloy body that is light and with rounded corners. We pick the rose gold color and so far it looks good. It is not a brushed finish that we expect but the wearable is more of a glossy type that we love.


It has a big crown button, with several special functions. Here are some functions of the crown button.

  • Scrolling the list of watch faces
  • Zooming in and out of the bubble UI
  • scrolling from the list of sports mode and other menus
  • adjusting levels of brightness

Pill Shape Button on the side

  • Turning off the display screen
  • work as the return button, going back to the home screen

The smartwatch has a built-in speaker and mic, having a mic on the right side and a speaker on the left side. The U78 Plus smartwatch has a sporty silicon watch strap similar to Apple watch but unlike the branded sporty watch. The sporty strap doesn’t have a clip-on that secures this strap of the body of the watch, instead, it relies on a force-fitting, which is we think will certainly loosen eventually.


Features of U78 Plus smartwatch

During our test, some of the features work while some functions don’t work. Below are the features of the U78 Plus smartwatch with a few details about it.


You receive messages in real-time, meaning when you receive them on your smartphone, you automatically receive them also on your device in just a matter of seconds. The good feature of the message function is that you will be able to read messages right on the smartwatch.


Dialer and Phone book

You can store your smartphone contact in the Phonebook function of the smartwatch. Just select the contact in the support app and sync it with your smartwatch. The issue is, you can’t select the numbers and initiate call in the phonebook.


Call Notifications

Just like messages, you will be alerted when someone is calling you. On its product page, it says you can answer the calls in your smartwatch, but we tried it several times, in different OS and so far we don’t have any success.

Health Functions

Heart rate monitor, pedometer, these features work properly with hit and misses, but so far it works ok. It is able to monitor our vital stats fast and with graphs and stats.

The smartwatch shows that it is checking your vital stats. But further stats shows that it is more of a random number than an actual stat of your body.


Checking the thermometer, seems to be working ok, we tested it with hot temperature and it works ok, the same with the cold temperature. See the video here

Our Take on the U78 Smartwatch

When it comes to design, there is no doubt that the smartwatch has an attractive look. This clone achieve the desired look, its zinc alloy body and the finish design, shouts clone. With the exception of the strap, although it is durable, it looks cheap and certainly a low quality strap.


As stated above, the smartwatch has hit and misses. Based on our test, the main feature that the smartwatch promotes the Bluetooth call did not work. Bluetooth music funciton also did not work as well as other health function. The thermometer that we are aiming for works good, as well as messages and its sports mode, surprisingly , the battery works ok especially the standby time which last for several days.

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