Slide Smartwatch (Model SW200) – Review of Features

Slide Smartwatch (Model SW200) – Review of Features

Here is the latest version of the Slide smartwatch, wearable with a familiar design, it looks like the popular classic smartwatch from Samsung Galaxy Gear 2. The smartwatch’s classic look and SIM functionality makes it very popular. It is a popular wearable with fans who are looking for an affordable smartwatch with camera and SIM functionality.

Checking out the Slide smartwatch, the wearable has a rectangular design, a PC bottom body case, and a zinc alloy front. Based on its product page, the smartwatch is available in black, rose gold and silver finish.

Its product design shows the camera sits on the top front of the body and on the bottom front is a physical button that serves as a power button. Its sporty look is accompanied by a durable silicon strap with a grayish/black color.

Before we forgot about the independent call feature, the wearable is equipped with a built-in mic and speaker. Its rectangular design comes with a sharp rectangular display. The Slide smartwatch model SW200 has a 1.54” inch IPS LCD screen display with a 240 x 240 pixel resolution. It has a bright and sharp display and with easy, simple to access menus.

It is an easy to use smartwatch with its grid menus, large and crisp test. Before we dive into its features, let us check first the specifications of the smartwatch.


Specifications of Slide Smartwatch (SW200 model)

Model: SW200

Display: 1.54” inch 240 x 240 pixels, Touch screen

Memory: 32 MB + 32 MB

Supports: TF card

Camera: Front camera

SIM card: Yes, 2G 850-1900 Mhz

Built-in Speaker and Mic: Yes

Bluetooth: Yes

Battery: 320 mAh

Compatibility: Android and iOS

Features included in the Slide Smartwatch

With its built-in SIM functionality, the smartwatch is equipped with independent call and message notifications. You can receive calls, or initiate calls directly in the device, as well as send SMS messages.

Options in the call feature include call logs, dialer and phone book. Remote camera with its Bluetooth connectivity, you can control the camera on your phone. But you can also use the built-in camera in the smartwatch for quick photos.


Audio Player, with the TF card support. You can load MP3 files on your smartwatch and play it directly. Aside from Audio player, it is also equipped with sound recorder with its built-in mic. There is no heart rate monitoring but it has at least several health functions. The Slide smartwatch SW200 has a step counter with its pedometer function. It also has sleep monitoring, tracking your sleep quality. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle with the sedentary reminder. Other features included are alarm, calendar, file manager, calculator, images viewer and browser.

Initial Take on the Slide Smartwatch Model SW200

The SW200 model caters to those who love to have a smartwatch with independent functionality. If you don’t want to spend too much on a wearable with this function, the Slide smartwatch is a device to consider.

It has the basic function in messaging as well as inactivity tracking. Checking at it, we notice that it is similar to the popular DZ09 smartwatch. We are not just sure whether it is a rebranded or a whole new wearable with just a similar design. Anyways, this Slide smartwatch is popular with smartwatch fans just looking for the basic functionalities, offered by the SW200 at an affordable price.

image source: SlideUSA


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