DT100 Smartwatch – Review of Features and Design

No.1 DT100 Smartwatch – Review of Features and Design

Yesterday I was watching a live video promotion of No.1 on their products. And with it is a new wearable with a familiar look and with stunning new improvements on the software. DT No.1 presented a new smartwatch in their product line-up. The No.1 DT100 smartwatch, or simple rebranded in other shopping sites as DT100 smartwatch.

DT No.1 join the chaotic battle of Apple watch-inspired wearable with this new smartwatch. If you are browsing the AliExpress website and another shopping site. There are hundreds of sort of copycat smartwatches in terms of design, aiming to look like the popular wearable. But only a few do have a quality look and with a dedicated company that offers technical support.

I guess to answer the issues buyers experienced, No.1 brings the No.1 DT100 smartwatch in the market. Even I was intrigued and thinking about getting one, with this new offering, especially on its features. But before that let us check first its quality especially on the design and features that offers.

Design – Slim and Light

Slim, sporty body that has rounded edges looking like the popular smartwatch. It has a big crown button on the upper right side, with similar appearance. You can use the rotate button to switch between menus and watch faces. I guess the only thing that is missing is the pill shape button below the crown button. But I think it is a good thing, making the No.1 DT100 as a smartwatch on its own, and not just a blatant copy of Apple Watch.

There are some similarities at first glance but looking at it, the wearable is not a copy but a design inspired by the popular sport smartwatch. It has a zinc alloy body that is known to be light as well as durable. For its color options, it is available in gold, blue and the classic black and silver color. Similar to other wearables with the same style, the smartwatch has a force-fitting slide-in silicon watch strap.

Honestly, I’m not a fan of the method of attachment for the strap. Based on my experienced it is hard to replace the strap once it is damaged, although there are a lot of offerings, they don’t fit perfectly to the smartwatch. A classic quick-release pin style .22mm or .20 mm is still a better choice.


Overall, the body of the smartwatch has an IP68 waterproof rating, it is splash-proof, wash proof and dustproof as well. There is a built-in speaker and mic on the side of the smartwatch, which I think is not safe to submerge it underwater for a long time. On its description, it is a waterproof speaker and mic, but we don’t advise you to wear it while swimming.

Display – Slim Bezel, High-Resolution Screen

When it comes to display, the No.1 DT100 smartwatch has a full display screen with a very slim bezel. The smartwatch has a 1.75″ inch IPS LCD high definition screen display with high pixel resolution. It has a 320 x 385 pixel resolution with a high refresh rate.

According to its specs page, it has a 60 Hz rate giving it a smooth dragging and transition effect. Additional details on the display based on the specs page are ultra wide-angle with up to 178 degrees. 99.5% wide color gamut with high color accuracy, full-color screen. On top of the display screen is a crystal clear 2.5D tempered glass, that almost goes all the way to the edge of the device.

So far, the smartwatch has a good design, it is sporty, and there are also a lot of color options. For the screen display, the smartwatch is so far sharp, crisp color screen. And based on the video presentation of No.1, seems like it is responsive when especially on its menu transition.

Before we dive into the details of the smartwatch, here are its specifications.

No.1 DT100 Specifications

Display: 1.75″ inch IPS LCD, 320 x 385 pixel resolution

Processor: RTK8762D

Sensor: g-sensor, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure and blood oxygen monitoring + ECG

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0

Waterproof Rating: IP68 Waterproof

Compatibility: Support Android 4.4 and above, iOS 8.0 or above

Features of the No.1 DT100 Smartwatch

Bluetooth Call Support

One of the main feature of the DT100 is the Bluetooth call function. It support high fidelity calls with its waterproof speaker, and clear calling with its built-in mic.

Additional call support are phonebook, synchronize your smartwatch with your phone to have this. Dialer, call logs. We are excited to see if this feature works as describe. We have several Apple watch clone and so far, the Bluetooth calls did not work as stated.


Smart Split Screen

Another update regarding its software and UI, is the addition of smart split-screen. You can swipe from left to show important functions such as Bluetooth calls, sports functions. It is a great addition that is not available in previous smartwatches with the same OS.

Multiple Theme Menus

Here is another personalization option, you can pick the right menus that suit your personality and taste. Choose from cellular menu (bubble type), List Menu, Icon Menu (grid), and Rotate Menu.

Comprehensive List of Watch Faces

This is one of the best selling points DT100 especially for lovers of watch faces. Over 100 online watch faces are available for download. Pick from mechanical dials, digital, 3D animated and other watch faces. There is also an option for custom watch faces allowing you to set your own photo as a background dial.


Sports Monitoring and Activity Tracking

The DT No.1 DT100 smartwatch is equipped with automatic activity tracking. It is able to record the steps, distance, pace, a number of laps, calories burned and heart rate. Aside from automatic step monitoring, it also has sports monitoring, such as running, basketball, football, cycling and other sports functions.

Health Monitoring

When it comes to health features, the smartwatch is loaded with heart rate monitoring, blood pressure, blood oxygen monitor and ECG. It is pretty equipped with health sensors to monitor your vital stats. All of the data is available in the support app, with regards to accuracy. The company advised to use it as a reference only and not as a basis for diagnosis.

Female Menstrual Cycle

This function is useful for women. It is able to track womens physiological health. It has menstrual period, ovulation period, other functions such as intimate reminders.

23 Supported Languages

The smartwatch is compatible with Android and iOS and it supported at least 23 languages, languages available in the smartwatch are Simplified Chinese, English, German, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese. Arabic, Thai, French, Italian, Polish, Persian, Greek, Danish, Traditional Chinese, Latin, Romanian, Turkish, Hebrew, Czech.

Other Functions available in DT100 Smartwatch

There is also breath training , stopwatch, remote photo controls, Bluetooth music, sleep monitoring, weather and more.

Initial Review of DT100 Smartwatch

So far, based on the initial review of the DT100 smartwatch, the wearable is a good option for those who are looking for a sport smartwatch. It is also a good pick if you want sort of an Apple watch style smartwatch. It is packed with health sensors, new intuitive UI especially the smart split-screen. It’s a very affordable smartwatch with several color options.

It is just disappointing that it only has 2 days of typical usage, based on its specs, and less than that with the sport mode activated. It has 6 days of standby time, which is ok but we hope that it has a much longer usage time in just a single charge.

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