No.1 DT94 Smartwatch -Thin, Light Premium Looking

No.1 DT94 Smartwatch -Thin, Light Premium Looking

No.1 brings an upgrade to its popular DT No.1 DT93 and DT36 with the release of the No.1 DT94 smartwatch. The wearable has an improved design, looking more like a premium smartwatch loaded with a variety of sport and fitness functions.

Checking out its product page, can’t help but noticed that the No.1 DT94 smartwatch is sort of a copy of the popular Amazfit GTS 2 smartwatch. If you can’t afford the GTS 2 smartwatch. The DT94 is a great alternative. The wearable as expected from No.1, has a premium look, classy design and premium materials.

It has a zinc alloy body with a glossy, with a more sexy design, having its button on the side looks like it is embedded to its body. The smartwatch based on its product page is available in different color options. Pick from silver, classic black and rose gold color. Aside from the classic/office look, the smartwatch comes with an option for a hard shell with a durable silicon strap. It makes the smartwatch switch from an office/corporate look to a rugged outdoor smartwatch.

It is a great innovation from No.1, especially for sports fans, you can have both worlds by just changing the straps.

When it comes to display, the smartwatch is very impressive with its 91.18% screen-to-body ratio. It has a very narrow bezel giving the smartwatch a much wide display. The No.1 DT94 smartwatch has a 1.78″ inch screen display with a 320 x 385 pixel resolution. Its IPS LCD screen is bright and with wide color gamut, it looks premium with its sharp color and contrast. To give more premium feel, the display is protected by a scratch-proof, crystal clear 3D glass screen with diamond like carbon coating.

For our overall impression of the smartwatch, well the device has a thin and light, although the design is not unique, still it is a good version and with added innovation such as the hard shell. It also has a good waterproof rating, having an IP68 rating, making it full waterproof and splashproof.


No.1 DT94 Smartwatch Specifications

Model: No.1 DT94 Smartwatch

Case Material: Zinc alloy

Display Screen size: 1.78” inch IPS LCD, 320 x 385 pixels

Processor: RTL8762CK

Sensors: g-sensor, heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, blood oxygen monitor, ECG

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0

Battery Capacity: 200 mAh Standby Time: 5 days

Waterproof: IP67 Waterproof

Support App: WearPro

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Regarding ist Features, here are some of the notable functions of the No.1 DT94 smartwatch

Features of the No.1 DT94 Smartwatch

Bluetooth Calls

The smartwatch is loaded with Bluetooth calls, it has a built-in speaker and microphone. Have a hands-free call with this function. Initiate call directly from your smartwatch, there is also call rejection, it also support phone log, dialer, phonebook synchronization.

Health Monitoring Functions

With its different sensors, the No.1 DT94 smartwatch support heart rate monitoring, it also has blood pressure monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring and ECG support. It also supports excessive heart rate warnings, with all the graphs and stats in the support app.
No.1 DT94 smartwatch

Sleep Monitoring

The smartwatch features sleep monitoring, it monitors the sleep time, number of sleep hours, light and deep sleep. It features graphs and stats available in the WearPro support app.

Different Menu Themes

At least 4 different menu themes are available, pick the option that makes it easy for you to access the different functions. Pick from List, Grid Icon menus, Bubble, Rotating Menus. Other functions included are, stopwatch, time, remote control for camera, weather, find phone.

Support App WearPro

The No.1 DT94 smartwatch uses the WearPro app available in iOS and Android. It is around 50 MB in iOS and 30 MB for Android platform. Current version as the time of this writing is 1.5.0 version, and available in health and fitness category. It has a simple UI and provides graphs and stats for the functions available in the smartwatch.

Initial Review of the No.1 DT94 Smartwatch

This latest smartwatch from No.1 has a premium look, I love the design. Although the look is an obvious copy of the GTS 2. The wearable looks good, available in different popular color options. The display I guess it is main features, having a very slim bezel.

It also has a lot of features, sports functions, health. There is also a Bluetooth call, that according to No.1 is clear and crisp because of its high fidelity speaker. One of the best innovation with the device I think, is not on the software but the bumper case that connects to the strap. It makes the smartwatch switch from classic watch to a sporty outdoor style smartwatch. So far, the smartwatch is very affordable, has a good design as well loaded with different features.

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