Kessaris Smart Watch – An Elegant Looking Women’s Smartwatch

Kessaris Smart Watch – An Elegant Looking Women’s Smartwatch

There are a lot of new wearables available for women, only a few smartwatches in the market that has an elegant look. Most women’s smartwatch is unisex, sort of for women/men combination design. Only a handful of smartwatches has a feminine design.

Browsing the web, we noticed this new smartwatch from HSN. It is one of the newest product from the shopping network intended for women. It is a women’s smartwatch simply called Kessaris Smart watch. The wearable has some features, design that is interesting and we decided to take a look at it. If you are interested here is our take, an initial review of the Kessaris smart watch.

Design and Display

The smart watch is available in gold tone color rose tone and silver tone color. It has a metal body making it durable and elegant looking as well. It is a medium-size smartwatch that is perfect for women with feminine design. The rectangular design looks elegant with a solid body frame with sharp corners, beveled edges.

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No worries about it getting wet as the wearable is water-resistant up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. With this you can be sure that the wearable is splash-proof, sweat proof, rainproof and dustproof as well. It got good protection from the usual outdoor environment, making it suitable for everyday use.


If you want to personalize your smartwatch, the Kessaris smart watch has interchangeable straps. It comes with the default matching steel mesh strap with magnetic lock. It is an elegant strap that matches the case of your smartwatch. If you are going to use the wearable for sports, it comes with a silicon strap with grid design. It has a metal enclosure with a Kessaris metal branding on its lock. Although it serves no purpose to the Kessaris smart watch, the product comes with a free pave link bracelet as a fashion accessory.

For its display, the smartwatch has a full color screen display with a touch button key operation. Again it doesn’t support touch screen, you navigate on the menus of the smartwatch by tapping on the button key on the bottom part of the screen. Long press to select a certain option, or go to submenus. On top of the display is a 2.5D tempered glass with crystal clear clarity.

Features of the Kessaris Smartwatch

The wearable is described as a women’s smartwatch, with this it is packed with different health features including some features exclusive for women. Here are the details on its features.

Health Features

For its health features, the smart watch can track the heart rate, it also has blood pressure monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring. It also has a body temperature which is very important right now, especially during these pandemic times. For its blood pressure and blood oxygen monitoring, I don’t think that it can provide precise results. But anyway, still it is a good addition, just don’t use it as tool for diagnosis but as a reference only.

Sports and Fitness Functions

For sports fitness, it monitors running, climbing and cycling. Aside from that, it has automatic activity tracking, it automatically monitors the steps, distance, and calories.

For smart notifications, there is a message reminder, call notifications. Get real-time alerts with its smart notifications when your smartwatch is connected to the device. Other functions included in the device are alarm, find watch, stopwatch, sedentary reminder, sleep monitoring.

The Kessaris smart watch comes with a free strap, a user manual, a USB clip charge and a matching pave link bracelet.

Initial Review of the Kessaris Smart Watch

The smartwatch is designed for women, it looks good with its metal body, elegant strap and a color display screen. It also comes with a free strap and link bracelet to add fashion to your attire. The wearable looks good, it looks light but durable and with the basic messages and fitness features. It has an affordable price, we just don’t know if the price is an introductory price or not but so far, it is very affordable in terms of its features, the accessories that come with it.

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