Download Apps for Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Download Apps for Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Ok, we are done with the watch faces for Mi Band 4 and now, we will discuss the available apps that you can use to get more out of your Xiaomi Mi band 4.

So far, there are limited apps available for Mi band 4, still it’s a welcome development having these tools to give your smartband more functionality, options to personalized or improved the overall functionality of your fitness tracker.

Well, here are some of the apps available for download for your Xiaomi Mi band 4. Take note that these apps are available for Android platform only, we haven’t checked yet if an equivalent apps is available also for iOS or other operating system.

Here are some of the best apps fo Xiaomi Mi Band 4 smartband

Notify and Fitness Apps for Mi band 4

Download Apps for Xiaomi Mi Band 4

The last update of this popular apps added support for Mi band 4 but it is not standalone as you still need the official app to get it work. The Notify and Fitness app is a full packed app supporting continuous heart rate monitoring, data tracking analysis, multiple alarms, Google Fit support.

One of the best feature by Notify and Fitness is the option to personalize the  notification whether incoming calls or SMS.


Version: 8.9.8

In-App Purchases: None

App Developer: OneZeroBit

Download the App Here

Mi Band Master

Another alternative to the official app, the Mi band Master. Also shows the detailed activities of your workout. This includes HR status, sound app notifications, call and message notifications, weather and other useful functions for Mi band 4.

Version: 2.6.7

In-app Purchases: Yes

App Developer: BlackNote

Download the App Here

Tools and Mi Band  – Customizable Notifications for Xiaomi Mi band 4

This app is very useful for those who would love to have a customize notifications for your smartband. You can configure the notifications whether its call or sms messages, You can also set repeating notifications as well as notification platform. Fully customizable widgets and more.

Version: 4.1.0

In App Purchases: none

Developer: Tools and Wearables Ltd.

Download the App Here

Mi Band Maps – Navigation for Mi Band

This is a very useful apps especially for travelers. Receive Google Maps direction right on your wrist with this Android app. The notifications you receive can also be customize.

Version: 4.0.0

In App Purchases: None

Developer: Francesco Re

Download the App Here

Watch Faces for Mi Band 4

Get the latest custom watch face for Mi band 4. The app has a comprehensive collection of watch faces for Mi band 4. The app makes it easy to download watch faces for your wearable. Collection included in the app ranges from digital to analog with watch face available in 15 different languages.

Version: 1.1.1

In App Purchases: none

Developer: GExcellence

Download the App Here

Mi Band 4 – Watch Faces

A simple app with large collection of Xiaomi Mi Band 4, it is easy to download and install to your Mi band 4. Each watch face has details like features and format of the watch face for your guide.

Version: 0.0.13

Developer: Rokitskiy DEV

Download the App Here

If you have any idea on the best app for Xiaomi Mi Band 4, please drop a comment below or send us some information and we will add it here in the list.


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