Zeblaze Vibe 3 ECG Smartwatch – In-Depth Review

Zeblaze Vibe 3 ECG Smartwatch – In-Depth Review

Zeblaze introduced another  Vibe 3 smartwatch that  is equipped with health and fitness sensors. This Vibe 3 version has a unique function it has  an ECG monitor making it the medical version among the Vibe 3 series. Due to this feature it is one of the most popular Vibe 3 version in the market.

Well,  we got one from Tomtop.com and here is our review of this first medical smartwatch by Zeblaze. If you want one, you can get it for less at Tomtop.com, they currently have a sale for Zeblaze smartwatches.

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Zeblaze did not change the design of the  Vibe 3, still it has that signature look, having a steel body with DLC drilling carbon coating. The smartwatch has that rugged sporty look similar to the Vibe 3 Pro, sporty yet looking premium. There are at least 4 physical buttons for operation, this includes the ECG button. The design is masculine, a large body and display screen and with a soft yet durable TPU band with stainless steel buckle.


The Zeblaze Vibe 3 ECG has a bright and sharp 1.22” inch IPS display screen providing clean and vivid colors. It has 240 x 204 pixel resolution and it is protected by a 4th generation Gorilla Glass screen display.

Take note that the display doesn’t support touch screen method of operation but instead it relies on its physical buttons for navigation and selection of menus.

1.22 inch Screen type: IPS Color display Resolution: 240 x 204 pixels

Features and Performance

Zeblaze markets that Vibe 3 ECG as a medical and fitness smartwatch. As expected the wearable is loaded with cool fitness features.

The  main feature is the ECG sensor, in just a matter of 30 seconds it can track and monitor your ECG fast. Checking your ECG is easy, just place your thumb and index finger on the two physical buttons on the smartwatch and it automatically records your ECG with graphs on the smartwatch as well as the support app. On our  test is was able to track my ECG in real time fast along with heart rate monitor.

Additional health functions included are multi-sport mode, it is accompanied with calorie as well as distance counter. Multi-mode sport included are running, walking, badminton, basketball, football and pingpong.

Track your activities with all day activity tracking. Although I’m not a fan of it, the Vibe 3 ECG is equipped with detailed sleep monitoring with advanced sleep analysis function that can be check on the support app.

Basic Functions

Of course it has that call and message notifications, with the option to read the messages right on the wrist. There is also a find mobile phone support, stop watch and other useful functions.


All of the features is possible with the loaded sensors and hardware chips in the Zeblaze Vibe 3 ECG.  It is packed with ECG sensor, HR sensor, proximity sensor as well as accelerometer. It also uses a GREENCELL heart rate algorithm to provide accurate and fast results. It is connected to your smartphone support via Bluetooth 4.0.


The smartwatch has 180 mAh lithium polymer battery with several days of normal usage. But I was impressed with the standby time which I think is amazing compared to other smartwatch with the same feature.

Notable Features

One of the most notable feature of the smartwatch aside from ECG is the 3D interface menus. It has a good  animation as well as attractive graphics which makes the Zeblaze Vibe 3 ECG menus enjoyable to navigate.


The Zeblaze Vibe 3 ECG is a good wearable from Zeblaze and it is a good start by Zeblaze of they have plans in the future to continue to integrate ECG and other health sensors in their wearable. When it comes to other  features, the smartwatch covers all the basics like message notifications, there is also a multi-sport mode for fitness enthusiast which makes it very enticing for wearable fitness fans.


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