Best Watch Faces for Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Best Watch Faces for Xiaomi Mi Band 4

We already tackled on how to install custom watch faces for Mi band 4. If you still don’t have any idea please check our tutorial on “how to install custom watch faces for Mi band 4”.

Best Watch Faces for Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Well, if you already done with this, check out our list below for the best watch faces for Xiaomi Mi band 4. We search the web for the best and here are the collection from Analog to digital. There are also minimalist design, techno as well as colourful watch faces to make your Mi Band 4 more personalized.

Here are the best Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Watch Faces

Analog Style Mi Band 4 Watch face

Best Watch Faces for Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Analog style  by EiphThe, it is one of the few watch faces for Mi Band 4 with analog design. The analog style has  a clean simple design with few details. It is in multi-language format and with a familiar simple format.

Details: Days of the week, date, step counter, heart rate  monitor

Fallout Pipboy Watch Faces for Xiaomi Mi Band 4

It is  in version 3 as of this writing, get this classic PIP Boy 3000 character. This retro look gives the band a techno, classic taste. Relive the popular classic character on your wrist.

Details: Days of the week, HR monitor, distance counter, PIP Boy Character

Analog Design

Another analog style by EiphThe, but this time it has a much bette detailed design. More details including the  days of the wee which is also in analog format.

analog watch face for Mi Band 4

Details: Battery status, step counter, distance, days of the wekk, date, DND, Bluetooth status

Download the Watch Face here

Avengers Theme Xiaomi Mi band 4 Watch Face

If you are still going gaga over the popular Avengers movie and characters, this there will surely excite you. It is also a perfect partner for those who has the collectors edition Avengers Xiaomi Mi Band 4 straps.

It is a cool watch faces but the only drawback on this  watch face is that it has only a few details. Just the time, date and days of the well, the whole Avengers background there occupy most of the screen.

Details: Days of the week, Date

Nike Verde

For those who are into sporty type watch face, the Nike Verge will surely fit your taste, created by Andreunto.  There are other color theme like red, blue but the bright yellow color stands out. If you want a Nike logo design, this watch face is a good pick.


Distance counter, days of the week, DND, Bluetooth, Battery percentage

Download the Watch Face here

Simplistic Watch Faces

Here is a simplistic watch faces from golomanguera. It’s a clean and simple, minimalistic design. But despite being simple the watch face is cluttered with details arrange and displayed in a clean manner where it easy to read the details.


Digital clock, AM/PM indicator, date, days of the week, battery stats, DND lock, Bluetooth, HR, distance, calorie, step counter with progress bar.


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