Biggerfive Fitness Tracker – Vigor Kids Model, Review of Features

Biggerfive fitness tracker – Vigor Kids Model, Review of Features

If you are looking for a wearable for your kids, with a fitness tracker design. You might want to check the BiggerFive fitness tracker Vigor model This fitness tracker is sporty that your kids might love, a wearable that is an alternative for their wristwatches.

We check on this BiggerFive Fitness tracker Vigor model, and here is our take on this fitness tracker for kids.

Design and Display

The Vigor fitness tracker is available in black, purple, red, blue, and pink. It has a PC body in two-tone color, with a TPU strap. The body is slightly curved making it comfortable to wear. We don’t have the exact specifications for the fitness tracker. But based on the design, the BiggerFive fitness tracker Vigor looks like it is a lightweight fitness tracker for kids as well as design.


Overall, the design is IP68 waterproof, it is splash-proof, wash proof, and dustproof as well. It is a good waterproof rating, suited for kids, as they usually have an active lifestyle. For its display, the fitness tracker has a full-color display screen with touch button key operation. It has an easy-to-use UI, preloaded with watch faces( 4 watch faces preloaded) that makes it fun for kids to use.

Features of the Biggerfive fitness tracker Vigor

Aside from that kiddie design, the wearable is equipped with a variety of features that your kids will surely love. Below are the software features of the Vigor wearable.

14 Sports Mode

The Biggerfive fitness tracker Vigor has at least 14 sports modes that will help your kids get fit and healthy.

Sports included in the device are walking, running, bicycle, hiking, climbing, badminton, workout, spinning, treadmill, yoga, basketball, football, tennis and dance. Aside from sports functions, the wearable is also able to automatically monitor the steps, calories and distance.

For health features, the fitness tracker has a heart rate monitoring, to monitor your kids heart rate 24/7. It also has sleep monitoring function, it monitors the sleep duration as well as the status such as deep sleep and light sleep. The wearable is also equipped with alarm, that vibrates gently to alert your kids such as wake-up time.

There is also a timer to help your kids, monitor the time during their workout or any other activities. Get connected with your kids with the message and call reminder. It supports call notifications, SMS notifications as well as social apps such as Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter etc.


VeryFitPro support App

All of the data, whether it’s sports, health, and other activities are available in the support app. Download and install the support app available in iOS and Android. Synchronize it with your fitness tracker and get more out of the wearables with additional options.

Initial Review of the BiggerFive Fitness Tracker Vigor Model

This fitness tracker from BiggerFive has a lot of positive reviews from its users. It is affordable and provides the basics such as activity tracking as well as notifications. Another feature that makes the wearable easy to use, is direct USB charging.

Just remove the strap that serves as a cover of the USB connector, and you can charge the wearable in any compatible USB charging port. With regards to its battery, the fitness tracker has at least 7 days of battery life in just a single charge.

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