How to Install Custom Watch Face for Mi Band 4 [Tutorial]

How to Install Custom Watch Face for Mi Band 4 [Tutorial]

Its official, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is the best fitness tracker in terms of sales by Xiaomi, and it is also the best in terms of design and features. And talking about features, one of the best features that is lacking in previous Mi Band tracker is the variety of preloaded watch faces available for Mi Band 4.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smartband

In just a few months, users and developers was able to find a way to install custom watch faces for Xiaomi Mi Band 4 smartband. Yes, there is already a way to install watch faces (custom watch faces) for your Mi Band 4. And here we will it discuss  it here, a way on how to install watch faces for your Mi 4.

How to Install Custom Watch Face for Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Edition

You can create your own watch face for the Mi Band 4, but that is for another tutorial. Here we are going to tackle first on how to install a watch face for the Mi Band 4. If you want a premade watch faces by other creative individuals, a site call has a section for watch faces for the smartband.

How to Install Custom Watch Face for Mi Band 4 [Tutorial]

Well, let us start and customize the watch face of your Mi Band 4

  1. Go to the mentioned site, “AmazfitWatchFaces” select the Mi Band 4 section. You will see different designs like popular Avengers movie theme, minimalist to techno design watch faces. Download the file, take note that it has a .bin file extension and not a jpeg or gif file.
  2. To have a watch face file in your Mi Band 4 that we can rename later, please sync any theme from the Mi Band app.
  3. After syncing, you can now go to the local file of your smartphone, “file manager”. Check the sequence below to go to the root file of the .bin location, check out the sequence below.

Android ->Data->>files->watch_skin_local

You can see several files with weird unreadable names. Select one of the file folders to check on the watch face that you have plan to replace.

Take note, before copying your newly download watch face (.bin file) please rename it to the same file name of that Mi Band 4 watch face. When you are down, you can now proceed to the next step.

  1. Copy the file that you downloaded after you renamed it. Copy it to the location of the intended file. Now you have successfully installed a new custom watch face for your Mi Band 4.
  2. Sometimes you will not be able to see right away the newly install watch face, All you need to do is sync again your Mi Band 4 to refresh the system and that’s it.
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