Best Smartwatch and Devices for Children with Special Needs

Remember that I wrote about the best smartwatch available for kids, we tackled its best features and how will it help your child be safe in this dangerous world. Browsing the web there are a lot of choices for smartwatch for kids with great features offering different safety and fitness features.

But we notice that there is section for gadgets for children specifically smartwatches that is somewhat ignored, this is devices for children with special needs. Searching the web I found out that only a handful of devices especially in the smartwatch section specializing in children with special needs are being sold in the market, to be honest I am disappointed, as these kids as well as the parents, for me I think they are the one who needed it most, devices, smartwatches, trackers that can help them, in their everyday life. We all know that having a child with special needs is not an easy task, every day is a struggle, a challenge…smart devices as experienced by parents who tried to one, says that is has been a big help for them.

I hope that manufacturers or start-up companies should create more smart devices, smartwatches, trackers for children with special needs, I am one of the advocates in campaigning to give more emphasis in creating devices for children with special needs, calling all manufacturers and smart technology companies to create a device for this area. Anyways below are the lists of best smartwatch and devices for children with special needs so far.


Octopus Joy Smartwatch

Joy goes with different approach in its smartwatch for kids. Instead of a text based approach, Joy goes with the icon based approach to instruct kids. Kids are told or remind of the activities that they have to do base on the icons that show in the watch.

It’s more like a training tool for kids than just merely a notifications or gameplay. It helps them to be more independent, manage their time well and do things on their own and develop good habits. With the icon based approach, kids who still don’t know how to read will still be able to follow instructions. Octopus Joy smartwatch do have 600 icons stored and actions. The watch has 3 modes, the first mode is to teach kids understand time by association, the second and third is all about teaching kids to read digital and analog clock. According to Octopus, the smartwatch is a partner in parenting, helping parents to create simple and specific instructions and help kids accomplished it in a step by step manner.

According to the company the Octopus smartwatch is also a good help for kids with special needs, like ADHD, or Down syndrome. Parents can set the Octopus watch as a tool for repeated prompting, telling the kids to do the task without forcing to shout to the kid to follow the set of tasks, a great way to  help parents with special kids, lightening the everyday challenge of taking care of their kids with special needs.

The smartwatch started at Kickstarter and made a successful funding, you can still grab a smartwatch from Octopus in their online website.


  • It gives the time with icons, making it the first clock that young kids can actually read and understand
  • Assistant that helps parents prioritize expectations and stay consistent with daily routines
  • Optional gamification module
  • Octopus can also help the kids with special needs (AD/HD, ASD, Diabetes, Down Syndrome, or executive functioning issues).

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WatchMinder smartwatch, this might be the first smartwatch designed for kids with special needs particularly with attention deficit and hyper activity disorder (ADHD). The smartwatch is designed by a child psychologist to help parents manage their kids as well as help the kids stay focused and activities, reminders that slowly modify their behaviors and thoughts.

Parents can set a reminder and time intervals; it also features a simple on screen programming.

WatchMinder help children to self-monitor as well as reinforce positive behaviors, like “Pay attention”,” Be positive”, “Focus”. According to the company parents and teachers can use Watchminder as a tool to manage their medication and regiments.


  • Interval Training Mode
  • Simple and Programmable
  • Unique vibration system
  • Organize schedules and time

WatchMinder is made intended to help parents with kids suffering from AD/HD, LD and autism.

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Buddy Tag

Here is a unique gadget, can wear as a watch band as well as a tracker, this can help parents keep an eye to their kids specially the kids that can stop wandering around, “Buddy Tag”, a safety gadget for kids. It alerts the parents right away if their kid is out of range.

It’s not just all about alerting you that your child is out or range, according to the company who created the “Buddy Tag”, they also added a water safety alert which is unique to this device, and it alerts the parent or guardian if something is wrong or your child is under water. The Buddy Tag senses if it’s submerged under water a foot deep or more, it automatically sounds the out of range alarm. There is also an SOS alarm for your child to alert you, the child can press the panic button if he or she needs help.  A pop –up message on your phone appears along with a sound alarm or vibration.

What I also like about the Buddy Tag is the personal ID, making it easy for people to identify your child, and reunite with you. Compatible with Android and iOS, the Buddy Tag’s battery can last up to one year of usage.


  • Low Cost no Monthly Fee
  • Water Proof
  • Out of Range Alert
  • Water Safety Alert
  • Panic Button
  • Email Alert Child is lost

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AngelSense Tracker

This is not a smartwatch but a smart tracker, a smart tracker desgined for children with special needs. Despite its small size the AngelSense smart tracker has several cool features that a parent needs in assisting them to keep an eye on their special child.

The AngelSense is equipped with GPS tracking features to help you track your child, it has a special “Runner Mode” to help find your child fast, it provide a 10 second updates as well as direction to the child’s location on the map.

Real time alert for the location of your child, whether he/she arrives or depart in a specific place. The AngelSense also features listening capability, where parents can listen to the surrounding area of the situation.


  • Unlimited SOS locate
  • Sensory Friendly Wearables
  • Listen in Capability
  • First Responder Group Alarm
  • Child Search Mode

The AngelSense is not just for children with special needs, it is also for people with Alzheimers and Dementia.

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