Dagadam Smartwatch – World’s First AI Based Smartwatch

The name might not be catchy, but its specs and features of this smartwatch will surely catch your attention.

Introducing “Dagadam Watch”, said to be the world’s first AI based smartwatch, it uses machine learning software to provide user with information and notifications with ease. The video demo shows a voice command feature, Dagadan watch provides optimize information based on the users request, we have seen it in AndroidWear based smartwatches and Apple Watches but Dagadam voice command feature look far more intelligent.



I think Dagadam watch offers new possibilities for wearables with the integration of AI, making smartwatches  not just merely an extension of your phone, or just a copy of it.

It works with the Dagadam Hub an independent interconnection system, that manage the feedthrough an analysis tools based on AI. The OS also communicates with all of your devices like smart TV, car, home appliances and even drones via the Dagadam Hub platform. Other software features include NFC, GPS, payment system, fitness trainer and tracker, maps, alarms and timeline tasks.


On the hardware side, Dagadam watch is made from aircraft aluminum used in aerospace industry making a premium quality watch, it has 44 mm , 400 x 400 pixel screen resolution with a curved gorilla glass display, sensors include heart rate monitor, pedometer. It has a built-in microphone and speaker, an IP67 water resistant/waterproof up to 30 meters.


The smartwatch  has started its fund campaign in kickstarter with the initial pledge of €450,000 Euro about $ 495,652.50 U.S dollars which is big, hopefully we will see it get funded, the campaign is until November 25, 2016.


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