Best Strap for Xiaomi Mi Band 7 – Cool Third Party Strap Designs

Best Strap for Xiaomi Mi Band 7 – Cool Third Party Strap Designs

We have here, the lists of cool-looking third-party straps for the Xiaomi Mi Band 7. Pick from leather, to steel strap or another silicon strap for the band. Check the collection below, these are just few strap right now in the market available for the new Xiaomi straps.

Leather Strap for Xiaomi Mi Band 7

If you want your band to look and feel office/classic style. You might want to change to a leather strap for the Mi Band 7. This strap has a new design, and materials to give your band a classy look. The case is stainless steel material attached to a leather strap that is made of 100% genuine leather.  According to its description, it is made from a premium cowhide leather. See the details here


Mesh Loop Metal Strap

Another third-party strap to make your band look elegant. It’s a mesh loop metal strap with steel body. The strap is more of a feminine side with its metal body available in black, silver and gold color. There are also other trendy color such as blue, pink and more.

It has a buckle design that makes it easy to attach the band to the strap as well as disassemble it. The band features double safety buckle, with different color options. See the details here


Silicone Strap for Band 7

If you want to replace your Mi Band 7 stock strap with a new one. Check this silicon watch strap from another brand. It is available in different color options such as white, black, pink, blue, yellow and dark green color options.

It’s very affordable and with the same strap design with that of the Mi Band 7. Durable, flexible, waterproof TPU strap. See the details here


Nylon Strap for Mi Band 7

For trendy, sporty and chic look, this nylon strap for your Xiaomi wearable might a good pick. Available in different designs, with steel enclosure to lock the strap to the band. There are at least 14 color options/style for the strap.

It has PC case and attached to it is a trendy nylon strap. The design is fashionable/sporty and breath of fresh air in the world of straps dominated by silicon straps. See the details here


Printed Silicon Strap

Still in the silicon strap category, but this one is more than just a plain strap. For those who love printed straps, this one might be a good option.  The design is available in different print styles, from floral camouflage in different styles and color. Still has the same strap mechanism but in different colors. Flexible, waterproof TPU strap that is affordable and at the same time durable. See the details here


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