Best Fitbit Ionic Apps – Sport and Fitness, Music Apps

I’m pretty sure you are excited with your Fitbit Ionic smartwatch. As we all know Fitbit put all its expertise to bring the fans new and exciting features to Fitbit Ionic. One of the new features that makes the Ionic different from its predecessor is the integration of “Fitbit  App Gallery”. A one stop shop for available Fitbit Ionic third party apps as well as watch faces.

Fitbit already worked with several popular companies to bring apps to Fitbit, when you bought your Fitbit Ionic, the smartwatch is already preloaded with several apps to let you get started fast. Well we checked out Fitbit and according to them here are some of the popular preloaded apps available for your Fitbit Ionic. Here are some of the Best Fitbit Ionic Apps.


One of our favorite sport and fitness tracking app, it is the first fitness app for Fitbit Ionic. The app is also available in several fitness tracker by Fitbit as well as other popular fitness tracker.

The Strava app “tag as the social network for athleters” features a variety of sport and fitness tracking options like running, walking, swimming, surfing, rock climbing even several gym activities. With the aid of GPS, it allows user to keep track of their location, plan route, record activities, share and compare it to other fitness buff users. The app provide in-depth analytics of your performance and activities.

Fitbit with Strava partnership made it easy to sync Strava to Ionic, access several features including Matched Runs on Ionic. Fitbit and Strava also offers a promo to test out the premium version for free to 60 days.


A popular weather forecasting services, the Accuweather is one of the leading company in providing weather forecast to popular news network and TV stations. It is also provide weather information on the two mobile OS, iOS and Android.

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Now, its real time weather information is also available for your Fitbit Ionic, with the aid of GPS to pinpoint your location. The Accuweather Fitbit Ionic app will automatically provide you the latest condition of weather early in the morning before you work-out of  start your day for work.


Fitbit Ionic do have support for Bluetooth headphone ( see Fitbit Flyer Accessories), you can listen to stored music right on your Ionic. With the third party app Pandora you can listen to live streaming, curated station. Sync and listen with ease to your favorite stations.

Find your favorite station or song right on your Fitbit Ionic app, check the latest and popular songs on Pandora and listen to it while working out. Its services is available in Pandora Plus and Pandora Premium. Join other 81 million subscribers listening to its comprehensive library of songs, at least 1 million tracks from 100,000 artists.


Starbucks support is available for Fitbit Blaze providing notifications and other stuff. It is also available to the latest smartwatch by Fitbit, the Fitbit Ionic. The Fitbit Ionic is loaded with NFC and works with Fitbit Pay.

No need to bring your smartphone during work-out, enjoy a cup of coffee or beverages along the way, just load your Starbucks card to the Fitbit mobile app and sync it to your Ionic. Use the barcode to pay for your purchase. Easy and fast way to enjoy a hot coffee from Starbucks.

The above apps are the preloaded apps available for Fitbit Ionic, but expect that more popular apps will be added to the App Gallery in the next few months.

Third party apps expected to be available are:


A news aggregator app, organize and save content for different websites. Read the latest news right on your Fitbit Ionic.


Get the latest scores and sport statistics, right on your smartwatch. It’s a free golf performance tracking app as well as scorecard platform.


We don’t know if what will be the overall support of Ionic, but we expect that with the Fitbit Ionic you to control your home’s smart thermostat. Monitor your home online, see detailed stats and other data regarding your homes temperature.


App the provide the latest information about sea and wave status. It is a company that specialize in surf forecasting, provide real time reports, videos and other information regarding the sport of surfing. Surfline is also the largest provider of streaming HD coastal cams. This Fitbit Ionic app will surely on the top list of surfers.

These are just some of the apps available for Fitbit Ionic but expect that more will be added from independent developers including watch faces.

Support for notifications for social apps includes Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Slack, Gmail, WhatsApp and Instagram.

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