Batman Smartwatch – A Collectors Item from One61

Batman Smartwatch – A Collectors Item fro One61

Here is another collectors item smartwatch especially for those who are fan of Batman super hero. The wearable is developed by One61 studio, the company behind another collector item smartwatch, the Fallout smartwatch.

Check the Batman Smartwatch, a wearable has a masculine look, having a rectangular design, available in of course matte black color. The smartwatch got a simple design with sharp edge, a single physical button and a speaker on the bottom of the wearable. Its body is made from zinc alloy and polycarbonate material, giving it a light and durable body. It weights around 53 grams including the strap.

The smartwatch has a sporty silicon strap with stainless steel buckle. It is somewhat thick, and with a bulky look, it has flat screen display, with wide bezels. The wearable has a 1.54″ inch IPS LCD with 240 x 240 pixel resolution with touch button key operation. When it comes to look, it is far different from another new wearable in the market. The smartwatch doesn’t have curved edges, glossy look, sporty trendy design or a 2.5D tempered glass. Instead, the Batman smartwatch has flat look, a flat screen, and might not compete when it comes to beauty. But of course, the wearable is not just a smartwatch with notifications, activity monitoring, I think the wearable is geared more on a collectors item category.


It even comes in a beautiful collectors item box packaging design. If you are a fan of Batman and collecting items related to this popular character is your quest, the Batman smartwatch is a good addition to your plethora of Batman items.

The smartwatch also comes with preloaded watch faces, Batman-inspired watch faces that goes with the smartwatch. Unlike other Batman themed smartwatches where it has Batman watch faces as well as straps. This batman smartwatch by One61 goes all day to its menus. Its UI has also a Batman feel to it making it cool to use, and feels like its a truly a fully loaded Batman smartwatch.

Anyways, enough with the looks and design, what about the features? Is it loaded with sport features and other smartwatch functions? Well, let us check it out.


The wearable just like a regular smartwatch in the market has notification options. It has call and message notifications, SMS function notifications and social app notifications. It has a built-in speaker and mic, with the smartwatch support Bluetooth calls, with a built-in phone dialer. There is also a built-in voice assist feature. It looks cool with its classic Batman UI making it a fun smartwatch to have.

Another Bluetooth functions that fans might love, is the support for music control, you can control the music on your smartphone with this feature. There is also a camera control, use your smartwatch as a remote control for your photos. Health functions included are step tracking as well as sleep monitoring.

Additional functions included in the device are phone finder, stopwatch, alarms, timer and calendar function. Aside from these there are also health goals, unlock secret content a patrol reminder (sedentary reminder).

Initial Take on the Batman Smartwatch

As we have said, the smartwatch is more of a collectors item than a wearable that is a partner for your sport and fitness activities. It got the Batman theme, batman feel look even its UI are designed to mimic of a classic Batman style. So far, the smartwatch looks fun to have, with its classic retro type UI, witty menus, and functions.

Batman Smartwatch Specifications

Display: 1.54in. IPS-LCD240px X 240px

Body: Case Materials: Zinc Alloy and Polycarbonate

Processor:MT2502C Memory: 16MB ROM + 8MB RAM

Bluetooth: Supports Bluetooth® 4.0

and BLE

Sensor and Functions:G-Sensor, Microphone,

Speaker, Haptic Output

Waterproof Rating: IP64, 1 ATM

Compatibility:Support Android 4.4 or above, iOS 9.0 or above

Battery: 250mAh Up to 24 hours of life

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