Amazing Matrix PowerWatch Uses your Body Heat to Power it Up

This might be the start of the next generation of smartwatch, and could be the solution to the long time dilemma that plagues the smartwatch world, a short battery life.


The company Matrix was able to create a miniaturized version of a thermo electric generator, and integrate it to a smartwatch called “PowerWatch”. With it, your smartwatch is able to use the use wearers body heat to power the smartwatch, yes you read it right, there is now a smartwatch that runs using your body heat. Matrix company was able to harness the body heat with the EG, and power a microprocessor, according to the company they have to use a power efficient processor called AMBI Q, to make it work.

But this advantage did not go without a trade-off, the processor of course is not that powerful it can only do few functions such as stop watch, timer, showing time of course, tracking your steps and calculating your calories. The PowerWatch runs on its second battery when the user is not wearing it and goes back again to its thermo electric generator when you are using it.

The Matrix PowerWatch technology might be the ultimate solution to power Smartwatches


It might lack other features and functions compared to the likes of Apple Watch and Samsung Gear S3, but it’s a good start for the company and this technology could pave the way for the next generation of smartwatches.

The watch is right now available for an Indiegogo campaign, the smartwatch starts at $119, but wil retail at $169.99 when the Indiegogo campaign ends, it includes Matrix PowerWatch and military Grade Nylon strap.


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