NO.1 G6 Smartwatch In-Depth Review


Design and Display – despite its low price, NO.1 was able to create a good looking smartwatch, looking at the watch you might mistaken it as just a regular wristwatch, it is average looking and that is what makes it look good, users prefer a regular looking watch, but with a smart technology inside. NO.1 made it right with the NO.1 G6, providing users with a circular smartwatch form factor without having a steep price. Usually smartwatch like this cost around $100 dollars or more, with the G6 you only have to spent $30-$40 dollars or less when there is a deal. See for deals with G6.

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The smartwatch has a stainless steel body, on the side are buttons, a power and return button, and a USB port for charging. It has a 1.2 inch screen, somewhat small compared to other circular smartwatches, but who needs a really huge screen? NO.1 was able to adjust its menus to be easily accessible on the screen, making it easy to access and select its menus. Having a 240 x 240 screen resolution, the colored screen is bright and clear, we think it’s ok, if brightness is not enough you can adjust it in the settings menu of the watch. It has a small bezel and thin body, very comfortable to wear.

There are two colors for the NO.1 G6 a black color and silver, both have silicon watch bands, No.1 market it as a sport version, but recently NO.1 offered a stainless steel strap for the G6, making it more better looking, intended for business type occasion.


Hardware – The G6 is powered by MTK2502 processor, and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0, with it smartwatch is able to receive notifications from your smartphone and other alerts, it doesn’t have a SIM slot or an external memory, you need your phone to be able to receive notifications and store other data. So far, we did not experience any lag or signs of slowing despite, its low memory, we wish NO.1 could have at least increase its internal memory to 256MB or 512 MB, as we all know 128 MB is lame, it’s not enough in today’s era.


The watch has a built-in pedometer and a heart rate monitor which according to the company is able to provide accurate count of your HR. I was surprised with the addition of the gravity sensing system that automatically detects and light up the screen based on your motion, you flip your wrist up and the screen automatically lights up and it turns off when you do the opposite, a great way to save power.

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It has a Polymer Lithium Battery 380 mAh battery, it is still remains to be seen whether the battery will be able to provide a day of battery life or two, anyways we will update you soon on this area of the smartwatch.

Software – the smartwatch does have a basic UI, it is pretty straightforward with its grid icons, accessing it simply, swiping the menus from right to left. Apps already installed in the watch includes calculator, music player and other basic features that you will need in a smartwatch.


There is a support app for Android and iOS, it’s a good thing that NO.1 included the QR code in the smartwatch itself making it easy to locate and access, just in case you need to install it again. There are two app options so far, the Fundo Wear and MediaTek Smart Devices, both are available in the same platform. We both installed the app in Android and iOS, and we are a bit surprise that despite that the iOS has the latest version, it lacked several features and option that you can find in Android app, the iOS support app has a lot of missing features. Using the Android version , we managed to install several apps such as Yahoo Weather and a simple digital watch face. If you want to install additional watch face, you can use the MediaTek app or Fundo Wear to install watch faces. See screenshots and images below:


OverAll – the smartwatch has a lot of things we love, if you are going to spend your $30-$35 dollars for a smartwatch, the NO.1 G6 is one of the best option. It might lack additional apps, but if you just need the basics, such as notifications, time, pedometer and heart rate monitor, the G6 is a good pick.

Good design, affordable, and it has the basic features that you need, we just have some issues with the iOS support app, it connects and provide notifications bit some features don’t work compared to Android app that we did not have any issues at all installing and synchronizing it with or smartphone.

Overall it’s a good smartwatch to have, it might not be that HD quality, but it is still good. It fits comfortably and with intuitive UI, perfect for those who would love to have a good looking smartwatch but don’t want to spend too much.

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