Amazfit Verge Screen Protector, Bumper case and Straps

Amazfit Verge Screen Protector, Bumper case and Straps

Amazfit Verge is the latest smartwatch from Amazfit. It’s a sporty lightweight wearable with an AMOLED screen, it supports touch screen method of operation and packed with multi-mode sport.

If you got one, there are plenty of accessories for it, from screen protector, bumper case to unqiue and colourful straps. If you want to accessorize or just want to protect your smartwatch, below we compiled a list of Amazfit Verge smartwatch accessories.

Screen Protector

Protect the screen of your Amazfit Verge from scratches with tempered glass or just a film. Either way, it’s a must to protect the glass of your Amazfit Verge, check out the list below.

Tempered Glass Screen 9H – an 8-9H hardness tempered glass screen protector with anti-fingerprint coating. It is also impact resistant as well as shatterproof. It is 0.3 mm ultra-thin and durable.

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Film Screen Protector – if tempered glass is not your thing, the film screen protector is the alternative. It is also impact resistant and shatterproof.

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Protective Case/Bumper Case

Silicon cover or known as bumper case, if you love outdoors, a bumper case will surely protect the body of you smartwatch from scratches and at the same time serves as a design, providing your Amazfit Verge a new look and color.

Tamister Protective Bumper Case – if you want to totally protect the body of your Amazfit Verge, a full body silicon cover will do the job. Another benefit of having a bumper case is that you can pick any color you want.

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SIKAI Bumper Case – a tough case armor for Amazfit Verge, available in 7 colors (mint blue case, orange case, black case, red case, yellow case , army green case and blue case). The SIKAI case is durable, lightweight and it is a fully covered case.

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Get a compatible straps for your Amazfit Verge, personalize it by changing the straps from its default silicon strap,. Pick whether it’s a leather strap, Milanese strap or another colourful sporty silicon strap. There are plenty of straps to choose from.

Stainless Steel Milanese Strap– if the default watch strap of your Amazfit Verge is too sporty for your taste, a Milanese strap might be a good alternative if you want your Amazfit Verge to look classy with the taste of classic. The stainless steel Milanese strap is available in black and silver magnetic look.

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