[Review] Lenovo Watch  X – Classy Premium Hybrid smartwatch

[Review] Lenovo Watch  X – Classy Premium Hybrid smartwatch

The last smartwatch that we reviewed here at smartwatch specifications is the Lenovo Watch X, it is a minimalist and much more affordable version of the Lenovo hybrid smartwatch series. This time we are going to tackle on the Lenovo Watch X, a premium smartwatch with a more detailed information when it comes to providing notifications and other data.

This hybrid smartwatch as we all know made a buzz in China when it was sold out in just mere 15 seconds. Yes, it was surprising given that the hybrid smartwatch category is not that popular in the world of wearables.

Anyways, we got one and here is out take on the Lenovo Watch X hybrid smartwatch.


The Lenovo Watch X hybrid smartwatch has a premium design with its stainless steel body, available in black and silver color. The smartwatch looks premium with its stylish design, the Milanese strap looks elegant with its magnetic lock that add beauty to its design. I am not just sure if the magnet of the strap will last that long, and will still  be able to have a tight lock after a month or a year of using it, right now based on my test the strap looks pretty and tight.

The front glass that protects the watch display is a Sapphire crystal glass, scratches and chipping is less to worry about when you are wearing this smartwatch. It is also very crystal clear and you can really feel the smooth finish on this hybrid smartwatch.

When it comes to the display, the Lenovo Watch X hybrid smartwatch is a combination of analog and small OLED screen on the bottom part of the smartwatch. It has a luminous hand dial making it easy to check on the time at night and the small OLED screen shows the stats of your activity.

You can check its details by pressing the physical button on the side to navigate, giving it a few seconds and it automatically show the submenus and additional details.

Time – also shows the 24 hour time aside from the 12 hour format as well as the date and the weather accompanied with temperature.

Activity – shows the steps taken, calorie, duration of exercise, distance taken

Heart Rate monitor – shows the previous heart rate as well as the current HR taken

Blood Pressure Monitor – automatically measures and shows your BP the systolic and diastolic.

Sleep – show the sleep data

Alarm – shows the current alarm set on the app

Run – if you want to set for running exercise with heart rate monitoring as well as calorie. Long press to save the activity

Settings – includes Find my Phone, Bluetooth On and OFF, battery statistics.


Unlike the Watch 9 that is using a button  battery just like a regular wrist watch, the Watch X goes with the built-in battery with 600 mAh battery capacity.

With the Analog and small OLED screen display, the smartwatch managed to have 45 days of standby

y time which is pretty impressive. We haven’t tested the full extent of its battery life, but based on our usage seems like the smartwatch will certainly have that over a month of battery juice in just a single charge.

We are also able to charge it fast with its POGO pin charging cable, a USB port is all that you need , you cellphone charger or laptop USB port will do.

Basic Specs:

Overall – the hybrid smartwatch is a premium looking smartwatch with its own pros and cons. With the design and the top of the line materials used, such as Sapphire crystal glass, premium stainless steel body and back plate, and the high quality Milanese steel strap makes the hybrid smartwatch a good pick for smartwatch fans.

The Lenovo Watch X has good fitness and health features also, with its small LCD display, you can see some of the details like a regular smartwatch. It also has a good support app, although still far from the likes of Garmin or Fitbit or high end smartwatches, still if you only need the basic notifications as well as step counter, the Watch X covers it all.


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