AllCall W1 Smartwatch Review – Classic Elegant Looking Android Smartwatch

AllCall W1 Smartwatch Review

Looking for a classic looking office type smartwatch that runs Android O.S? A new smartwatch from AllCall maybe the answer, introducing the AllCall W1 smartwatch, with stainless steel leather strap and runs the Android 5.1 operating system.

Well, we are able to review and test the smartwatch and here is our take on the AllCall W1 smartwatch.

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With stainless steel bezel, I find the AllCall W1 to be elegant looking and classy, plus the tic and number markings on its bezel add a feeling of premium look to the wearble. Available in silver and black color, the device has a synthetic leather and stainless steel strap.

The AllCall W1 smartwatch has a wide body but has a slim bezel, but a bit heavy due to the additional hardware inside such as SIM slot, a huge battery and variety of sensors. Anyways, I find it very comfortable to use despite its size and weight.

Display Screen

The AllCall W1 has a sharp, crisp vivid AMOLED display, having a 1.39” inch screen with 400 x 400 pixel screen resolution , operating mode for the smartwatch are touch screen in combination with the two physical buttons on the side.


Based on our test, the AllCall W1 is fast and smooth, so far I did not encounter any lag at all. According to its specs the device runs the MTK6580 Quadcore 1.0 Ghz processor, it has one of the highest RAM for Android smartwatch in the market, having a 2 GB memory and a huge storage capacity, a 16 GB internal storage for storing additional apps and media files.

Connectivity in the smartwatch includes a Nano SIM card support, a slot at the back of the watch can be accessed if you want to install a SIM card. It supports a GSM and WCDAM connectivity. Additional connections are WIFI and Bluetooth 4.0. For fitness and health, the device includes heart rate monitor, gyro sensor as well as built in GPS for MAP trajectory during your workout such as running and cycling.

It also has a built-in speaker which is audible enough, it lack bass but its ok, there is also a microphone on the side for voice command actions. See Full Specifications: AllCall W1 Smartwatch Specs

Operating System

The AllCall W1 runs the Android 5.1 O.S, and so far it has a good UI, browse through apps with menus arrange in somewhat circular format somewhat like the Tizen O.S. So far, during our hands-on, I did not experience any lag at all. It has intuitive UI and loaded with variety of apps.


The smartwatch is loaded with variety of features that you will surely love for your Android smartwatch, below we listed some notable features for the AllCall W1 wearable.

Watch Face – the device is preloaded with several watch faces, at least 20 watch faces are available in the watch, choices include digital, analog and animated watch faces. In case you don’t like the default watch faces, you can download directly via WIFI and pick colourful HD watch faces.

Menus and Options – with the menus, you have the option to set the app style, choose from list or round. I prefer the list style over the round, it resembles like the Tizen UI, easy to access and with nice animation.

Options included are – Contact, phone, Bluetooth call, health, message, music control, remote capture, browser,music, gallery, clock, file manager, find my device, sound recorder, weather, calendar, voice search and maps.

Switch Platform  – the good thing about the AllCall W1 is that you have the option to switch from Android to iOS directly within the watch.

Apps – the smartwatch is preloaded with Google Play, if the number of apps is not enough, there are hundreds of compatible apps in the Play store for you to download.

UI – swiping from right to left shows you the main menu, swiping from left to right shows you the notifications. From up to down shows the basic setup and swiping again from right to left shows the settings such as connectivity, GPS, brightness. While from down to up shows the weather. It’s a pretty direct operation of the W1, very easy to use and everything is very accessible, it takes only a few minutes to learn the in’s and out’s of the smartwatch.

Nano SIM card Slot


When it comes to battery life, the AllCall W1 model has  a good standby time, having 3-4 days in just one single charge. The smartwatch has 400 mAh Lithium polymer battery, the huge battery capacity gives the watch 2 days of normal usage based on our test.


The smartwatch is only one of the few affordable smartwatches that is Android based with classic look. It looks premium, although it’s a bit thick due to its loaded hardware but its ok, I find it comfortable to wear. So far, it’s like a typical Android phone in a small body, it is fast, smooth and with a good price .

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