Newwear Q8 Smartwatch – 150 Days of Standby Time

Another stylish smartwatch is now available for preorder at, the stylish Newwear Q8 smartwatch is now available for $24.99 U.S dollars. The product is due to arrive on February 9, 2018.

Get the Newwear Q8 Smartwatch Deal Here

Here are some details on the Newwear Q8 smartwatch

Design and Display

The smartwatch has a typical classic design smartwatch available in black, white, gold and silver. The mode Q8 has a stainless steel body a leather strap with stainless steel body. It has a color screen display, a 0.95” inch OLED with touch key support, it has 96 x 64 pixel resolution.


The wearable is a smartwatch in design but under the hood, it is more of a fitness tracker smartband. The smartband is powered by the NRF52822 processor with 512 KB + 47 KB of memory. Sensors include in the smartband are heart rate monitor, pedometer, as well as blood pressure monitor, so if you are a health and exercise buff, the Q8 might suit your taste. The smartwatch has 170 mAh battery with an amazing 150 days of standby time and 12 days of normal usage.


The Newwear Q8 smartwatch despite its small/slim design is loaded with several functionality. The wearable includes alarm, sedentary reminder, Bluetooth camera, sleep monitoring, incoming call and message notifications, distance counter, information reminder and other sport feature.

Right now it’s a preorder at, its $24.99 for a limited number only, the regular price is $45.99 U.S dollars.

Get the Newwear Q8 Smartwatch Deal Here
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