Download Amazfit Pace Firmware Update Version 1.3.2

If I’m not mistaken , this is the  2nd update OTA update to the Amazfit Pace, yes it’s another update again bringing new improvements to your Amazfit Pace. The update version is 1.3.2b, the new update brings some of the most requested features for the smartwatch.

The update added a 12 hour format time for the Pace, the previous version has a 24 hour format only for its digital watch faces, now you have the option to change it to 12 hour format in the settings location. In the sport and fitness mode, an Elliptical Sports mode is added also, a Training plan feature in the main menus is also added and a consolidated new dashboard for all system settings.

Check all the full changelog for the firmware update version 1.3.2

  • Updated GPS firmware to v2.85
  • Added Training Planfeature for beginners, 5k, 10k and marathon runners
  • Added Sports Modefor Elliptical workouts
  • Added option to switch between 12 hour and 24 hour clocks
  • Consolidated new dashboard for all System Settings
  • Sending weekly activity summary every Monday as a pop up notification
  • Other bug fixes, including issues from daylight savings time change

How to update your Amazfit Pace


  1. Connect to WIFI
  2. From the home screen, swipe down once.
  3. Tap More Settings.
  4. From Settings, Go to Update Menu
  5. Tap Updateto perform the firmware update.

Please take note: Make it sure that your watch has enough battery juice before updating.




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